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Yet another site update :)

by on Dec.07, 2003, under Site Updates

Ok, did yet another site update which most won’t notice. This is more on my administration end smile Basically, I’ve got an initial admin panel which allows me to add entries, delete entries, and delete comments as needed. Later, I’ll add support for banning a commentor based on ip address, filtering, etc. etc. BUT, pretty good as I didn’t have an admin panel at all when I started.

Ok, now the fun part – go back, update some code to allow different users their own “blog” system. This shouldn’t take too long, and once it’s done, a major segment of the code will be completed and operational. Then, it’ll be a matter of creating alternate “styles” for use, and letting people have the source code. Cheers!

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Some random quotes I found from my ancient website

by on Dec.07, 2003, under General

  • “I got a big burrito, and you can call it Chico.” ~Joel Stein, “My Name Is Carlos”
  • “Woman, this is all yo’ fault! If you didn’t come chargin’ in here like a frikkin’
    moose all bllll!!!”

  • “Damn woman! Why you gotta be such a ragin’ bitch?”
  • “Why you gotta steal my flava?” ~Kenny Griffin, “Can’t Hardly Wait”
  • “What’s with today, today?” ~Lucas, “Empire Records”
  • In a stilted Russian accent… “I am a sex machine. Do you want to touch my penis?”
    ~Foreign Exchange Student, “Can’t Hardly Wait”

  • “Here’s to the beauty that is. I have no idea what that means.” ~Sheryl Crow, Lilith
    Fair Kansas City 1999

  • “Dahling – be a dear – haven’t slept in a year. I need your help to make my
    neighbor’s yappy dog disappear.” ~Angel, “RENT”

  • “I’m forbidden to produce milk. In cyberland we only drink diet coke.” ~Maureen,

  • “Look baby, I gotta go.” ~The Ladies Man

Feel free to comment and add some more. Eventually I’ll probably post a comments page.

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