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Some personality notes

by on Jan.27, 2004, under General

It’s interesting, doing the whole self analysis type things. You try and figure things out, but no conclusions really come. I’ve been trying to figure out what I feel, where life is going, where life has been, all that fun stuff. In the end, I’ve found few definites, only things which make me search more. Of interest though, I’ve found one or two things which I’ve noticed about my personality.

  • First, it’s when I’m most tired/out of it/whatever that I’m typically the most honest.
  • Second, it’s also in that state when I can screw things up the most
  • Third, when I’m that tired, though I’m the most honest with other people or with myself, it’s also most when I want other people around, to talk, to pay attention to me.

Not all of this is a good thing, but it’s also part of me. Of course, this is a generalization, and not always true, but often it is the case. I also realize however, that some of this can change. I used to be MUCH worse about getting depressed or upset. Now, it’s more just the way life has been this last month or two.

As said, I still don’t have any definite answers, and am trying to figure it out. Some things of course, I won’t talk about on here in a public place, but those who know me, also can probably guess all that’s going on in my life, and understand what I’m talking about. It’s a personal struggle, and one I need to deal with myself. It’s just going to take some time.

A last note, I realize that in some ways I’ve changed greatly these last 6 and 1/2 years, the time since I started college (and finished), but in some ways I haven’t changed. I guess in the end, there are some ways a person never changes….

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Trackback support

by on Jan.26, 2004, under Site Updates

Ok, I finally got trackback working smile It’s working pretty well at the moment. Took a bit of debugging, particularly since it doesn’t look like the pings that moveable type sends actually makes use of POST vars. But, we’ll see how well things work here later. It doesn’t do remote pings however. I’ll enable that later.

The fun part on all of this? I enabled trackback support in about three hours of late night coding. And yes, I’m completely and totally nuts. As a friend and I discussed.

god, you ARE smoking crack.

i had no idea you'd actually try to code it last night. crackhead.

yeah, i'd love to test it.  smile


Course, he did ask for people to enable it…

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iTunes users out there?

by on Jan.22, 2004, under Technical

First, this is kinda a question as well as soem interesting information. How many people are using Apple’s iTunes? (I guess this is also how many people are reading this blog). I know I’ve been using it on both my windows and apple machines, and I definitely love having it smile So, post a comment, let me know what ya think of it.

Second, this is kinda handy for those with RSS aggregators (See past comments if you want more info on why you should have one). Apple has a rss feed for new music. You can customize the selection by choosing size, type, etc. Take a look here to select your preferences. It’s kinda handy to keep track of new music.

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An awesome ad, for a nonexistant product

by on Jan.21, 2004, under General, Reviews

Well, the product does exist, but it’d be hard to tell that it’s a movie, not a physical product. Take a look though at an amazingly well designed ad for the NS-5. It seems to be based off of Asimov’s book, “I, Robot.” Overall, I’m very impressed. It might be very interesting to see how the movie plays out. imbdb has some more information on the movie, which shows some of the cast and other information.

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Naked Quidditch, anyone?

by on Jan.15, 2004, under General

For those who’ve read the Harry Potter series, read this – Naked Quidditch – it’s an absoulte riot. I about died laughing the last time I read this story. smile Well, not really, but it did leave me chuckling all day. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter series, go read them, then come back, and read this – its’ worth it.

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And they said gas was expensive…

by on Jan.15, 2004, under News

Just heard that St. Louis is looking at 1.65 or so for gas. Now, for me, that’s not bad, as I was paying for that for my previous car. However, that was for PREMIUM fuel, not the 87 octane version most people use. As such, 1.65 is kinda on the high side. An interesting side note, was a doonesbury strip (the strip link is the old pictures) I found which discusses this from 30 years ago, when it was only 85 cents. Hmm, wish I could back then and buy gas.

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Want to kill some time?

by on Jan.14, 2004, under Reviews

I found this Pingu thing pretty amusing – caught it off of a userfriendly link of the day. It’s a cute way to kill a bit of time. And better yet, makes me think of good ol’ Tux the penguin, the linux mascot.

Go, play with penguins and kill some time!

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Book Management Software

by on Jan.13, 2004, under Reviews

I’d been looking for a decent program to keep track of my ever growing library of books, DVD’s, Games, etc. I figured I’d post a few comments on what I’d found here.

First, the program I’m going to probably use for books, and if I decide to get ambitious and modify it, my DVD collection as well. Perhaps games too, but I’ll decide later. I’ve been playing with the beta for version 2, and I must say I’m really impressed overall with the interface, performance, quality of design, features, etc. Plus, it’s free. Anyways, check out this program, appropriately called Books. As a second note, not only is this program free, but it’s also GPL’d which means you’ve got the source code, and thus can enhance it (and thus the DVD library thing, and thusly no more thus’s). So, soon I’ll be working on yet more software code smile

Another alternative, which you have to pay for, is a product called Library. This app has support for books, as well as games, DVD’s, and CD’s. However, as I’m using iTunes for all my music, and the iPod, this isn’t terribly necessary. DVD’s are more critical, but as stated, I can probably modify the Books program to manage that. Last, I find the set of features is on the so so side. It has a pretty nice interface, but overall, I’m not terribly impressed with the feature set. Of course, it’s only $15 from their online store, but I’d expect a bit more before I’d spend any money.

Booxter, another pure book tracking app is even less of a choice in my opinion. I’m pretty sure from what I’ve seen (and tried) that Books has the same feature set (someone feel free to correct ANY of what I’ve said if I’m wrong), but Booxter isn’t free and has less features than Book. It’s also a $15 application, but I’d recommend just using Books, unless there’s some amazing thing that Booxter does for you.

The last tracker I’m going to mention is on the more expensive side, and really is multiple separate apps. It’s a program called readerware, and it’s also the only app that runs on either windows, linux, or OSX (save the best OS for last wink ). It’s got a LOT of features, good support (i.e. commercial, so in theory should be good – not always the case), and even has a palm version which works pretty well. With that of course, comes a few disadvantages – first, it’s not expressly designed for any one OS, so it doesn’t use the interface guidelines for OS X. Second, it is really pricey – for all the “options”, i.e. a book tracker, movie tracker, palm, etc. it ends up near $100. Last, when I tried it, it wasn’t the most responsive app I’d ever used. Part of that is Java, but I’ve been writing Java GUI using Swing for 4+ years now, and I know you can get a fairly responsive Java app if you’re good at optimization and careful coding. Last, I just am not impressed with their overall interface. ANY of the above seem to have a cleaner interface. However, all the above are OS X only, so that might be why smile. Anyways, you can check out Readerware and see what you think yourselves. There’s a 30 day trial of the app.

Conclusion? Overall, I have to give Books the bes thtumbs up, after playing with the version 2 beta. I definitely like the feature interface, the field set, etc. It’s simple enough to handle some fairly advanced library information without overwhelming the user or being too much of a “library” app. As always, feel free to post comments, suggestions, etc. If you’ve used any of the above, and find that I’m wrong on something, let me know. Other than that, get busy adding books to your library *sigh* Mine is going to take me a while, even with ISBN info lookup….

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

by on Jan.08, 2004, under News

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows that I’m a space nut, and even more a science, exploratory, whatever techno nut. But, it is such an important thing. It to me is a way to expand the human spirit, to go explore again. Talking to Christian Cosas, I have to agree, “i remember this columbus dude who decided to make some hasty trek across the ocean 600 years ago
fuckin fruitless, i tellya”. We need to expand, to explore, to “go where no man has gone before”. Course, we’ve been to the moon, but we need to go there on a more permanent type basis, to expand our horizons, our knowledge, just to do something monumental instead of focusing on the small bit of ourselves. And finally, maybe (hopefully), Bush is going to announce some plans to do so. I know I’m not a big fan of Bush, but this may be one of the few right things he could do. I just hope he does it.

So, please support the space program. It’s worth the effort in human lives, in time, money, etc. because in life, you have to work for something, to go for something greater than yourselves. Space is something much greater than any of us, and it’s something we need to work for.

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More RSS stuff

by on Jan.08, 2004, under Technical

Not that many people will understand this, but IBM’s got a pretty good technical article on RSS support, creating apps, creating rss feeders, etc. It also has some good links to some applications for reading rss feeds. It’s part of the developerworks stuff, and you can find the article here: Content feeds with RSS 2.0

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