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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

by on Jan.08, 2004, under News

Ok, so anyone who knows me knows that I’m a space nut, and even more a science, exploratory, whatever techno nut. But, it is such an important thing. It to me is a way to expand the human spirit, to go explore again. Talking to Christian Cosas, I have to agree, “i remember this columbus dude who decided to make some hasty trek across the ocean 600 years ago
fuckin fruitless, i tellya”. We need to expand, to explore, to “go where no man has gone before”. Course, we’ve been to the moon, but we need to go there on a more permanent type basis, to expand our horizons, our knowledge, just to do something monumental instead of focusing on the small bit of ourselves. And finally, maybe (hopefully), Bush is going to announce some plans to do so. I know I’m not a big fan of Bush, but this may be one of the few right things he could do. I just hope he does it.

So, please support the space program. It’s worth the effort in human lives, in time, money, etc. because in life, you have to work for something, to go for something greater than yourselves. Space is something much greater than any of us, and it’s something we need to work for.

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  • Jason McIntosh

    Just testing the comments out, as I haven’t received any comments yet

  • Lola

    Agreed.  My husband’s very interested in the space program, and he would love to work in this area.  This just might be the thing to get America moving on, what with all the outsourcing and such.  We have the know-how, we have smart people out of work, we might as well specialize in something we had experience with (even if it was way back in the 60s).  I mean, we’re the only one who set foot on the moon.  The Chinese have a way yet to catch up to us.

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