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And I didn’t think I could be hurt that much…

by on Feb.07, 2004, under General

I didn’t think anything would hurt like this. Being accused of lying by a person you loved more than anything in the world, when you NEVER lied to her. I may not have told her everything going on in my life IMMEDIATELY, but I did eventually, and I at least always said I was struggling with stuff, to let her know that I did have stuff on my mind. I don’t think anything has ever hurt as much, as being told that, as I’m hurting right now. Jesus Christ guide and protect me right now, because I’m needing it. Someone pull the BFG9000 out of my chest, because I’m a fucking mess.

In other words, that one line, “you lied to me” when I’ve always prided myself on being honest, when that’s a core part of myself, my views on honor, etc. and hearing that from the person who I loved most… let’s just say pain is understatement. In some ways, this hurts more than anything else……

Somebody fucking shoot me now.

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  • Anonymous

    Ok… this entry was only 4 days ago. I hope you are feeling a bit better. I mean, at least moved on from the whole gun thing. Don’t let yourself obsess about this lie thing. You know you didn’t lie to her, so when she said that, she was simply wrong and that is that. You know she was wrong and I am sure you tried to tell her so. From that point, there isn’t much else to do, but accept the bad ending and move on. Don’t deny your feelings, but don’t obsess about this one line that is false. All right?

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