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Here comes the cybernetic era!

by on Mar.04, 2004, under Technical

I saw this thing that DARPA is funding, and it just makes me think more and more, that here soon, we’ll all have exoskeletons or powered armor type stuff. It’s a cool concept, and could be a big boon helping with movement, inventory control, and a whole range of applications (including millitary applications). Further, add on smart helmets, add some armor, and you’ve got a “mobile suit” that can carry around a ton of ammo, heavy weaponry, but take a beating while doing it. One man tank type stuff. Anyways, cool concept, and it’ll be interesting to see how it and “cyber assist” type stuff work out these next few years.

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More RSS stuff

by on Mar.04, 2004, under Technical

Was looking at some technical articles, and felt I had to post some stuff. First, for those windows users out there needing an rss aggregator, check rss reader and another free one I found, where you can even download the source code, rss bandit. They’re definitely interesting in what they offer, but I don’t think they’re near as clean as the Mac version of NetNewsWire. However, that’s what you get for using windows. Anyways, take a look. I’m posting my rss feeds file, for those curious as to what I check out. It’s an opml file, and any rss reader should understand it. Download it here:rss_feeds.opml

So, go download one of those programs, download that rss_feeds.opml, import it and try it out! On the left side, you can see the xml feed button for the site. It’s an rss 2.0 feed, for those curious.

I’ll have some other posts and stuff later, but that’ll come after more thinking, analyzing, etc. My usual – any time I encounter or see something, I end up thinking about it, almost over analyzing at times. But, that’s me. smile

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