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On the nature of free will

by on Mar.09, 2004, under General

I have gotten into several interesting conversations, on God’s plan, free will, and related concepts. There’s been some interesting stuff with that, things I’ve sorta come to understand and “figure out”. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, and my thoughts may change, but I think they’re pretty accurate.

First, God does have a plan, but with that plan, there’s the issue of free will. It’s up to us whether to follow the plan God has set for us. We can choose to ignore him, and thus his plan for us may not come to fruition. This often brings pain and problems, and can screw us up greatly. We can choose to ignore him, and that also brings pain – pain of loss from the most important aspect of our lives. Some people never realize the loss until they’ve found God. This is a choice we all can make.

Second, on the nature of free will and relationships and soul mates and stuff. We can choose to love, and choose not to love (sorta – I’ll explain more there in a moment). With that choice, comes the realization that we can love multiple people, that though there may be a person who matches us very well, another person may still be compatible and a viable mate, as it’s free will. We can choose to love that person, we can choose also whether to work on things, to talk, or not to do so. It’s all about choices.

However, though love is a choice, it’s also not a choice, in that sometimes we don’t choose – we just love. We can choose to try and forget that love, we can choose to make ourselves believe something else, we can choose a different path, but what’s in our hearts is the hardest thing to change. It can be changed, that whole free will and choice thing, but it’s very difficult. o, love is a choice, but it’s also not a choice, in that we may love without choosing to do so, for some reason. I believe God puts it in our hearts, puts that love there for a reason. And it’s up to us whether we choose to acknowledge it, forget it, or ignore it. And with that love, we can choose whether to work on it, to make it something wonderful, or to lose it forever.

Further, when we talk about mates, relationships, and things like that, there really is a huge factor of decision. We can choose whether to work on things, or not. Each person has the ability to choose to talk, to discuss, to figure things out. It’s that more than any other factor which determines whether a person is right for someone else – it’s a matter of choice. You can choose a person, or not choose a person. And you can choose to work on things, or not to work on things. If you really love a person, if there is a connection, and you choose to work on it, to talk to each other, then it can work well. Even the most different of people, if they love each other, talk to each other, can still work out. I’ve seen it several times, and I’ve also seen people who should work, who are very compatible mentally not work, due to not talking, not making good choices.

A last quote, and thought. “We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.” Though we can never change past decisions, we can choose our future ones, and that choice includes working on things, whether to value the love we’ve been given, whether we work to communication, etc. Sometimes we make mistakes, but it’s NEVER too late to repair a mistake, to fix things, if you choose to work on those things. Too many marriages have ended because the people involved weren’t willing to work on things. Some end for reasons such as one person being a jerk, but a lot end just because the people won’t put the effort forth. A person can choose to close a door, to not put the effort forth that such a thing might require, no matter what the reward. Even if it’s God’s plan, we can choose to ignore.

In the end, love is a choice, God’s plan is a choice, and whom we choose to love, whom we end up with, is a choice. Love is a major factor in this, more than many other things. So is communication, time, effort, but more than anything else, I think it’s all about the choices we make. We can choose to tell ourselves something will work, and make ourselves believe it, or make ourselves believe that something won’t work.

I just hope now, and in the future, to make the right choices. I know I’ve made some mistakes in the past, but I can see them now, and know I won’t make the same mistakes again. I just hope to have the chance to make those choices…

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