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Hmm, a 4×4?

by on Mar.10, 2004, under General

I’m trying to figure out what vehicle I should look at. I’m leaning HEAVILIY towards pickup truck (although an SUV would work as well). I definitely know one thing – I want a manual transmission. I thought I wanted a 4×4 as well, but I’m wondering if I really need a 4×4.

I’ve never really owned a 4×4. I’ve owned several front wheel drive vehicles, and those have handled snow fine. Further, my very first truck, an 84 F150 was rear wheel drive, and I managed with it. Further, my Dad hasn’t ever owned a 4×4 until the last few years, and he got along fine, even in New Hampshire. It’s just a question of whether a 4×4 is really worth the money. I’m not planning on doing any real off-roading, and I can probably get into my grandmothers fine with a 4×2.

If I don’t do a 4×4, then should I look for anything else? I’m thinking maybe just an extended cab, manual, 4×2 might work well for me. And before anyone says it, yes, I know gas is going to stink, but that’s the price I pay for a truck. Particularly since I’m looking for a large pickup truck, i.e. a F150 or 1500 of some sort. So, any comments from the few readers? Suggestions? Thoughts? Etc.?

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  • tanya

    Personally, i think you shouldn’t fall victim to the stereotypes that go along with owning a truck like that. if you don’t have a regular purpose for it, don’t deplete my ozone!

    seriously, if you’re moving to the big city, don’t get an SUV.  a truck is one thing, but an SUV should only be reserved for the upper middle-class soccer moms who have 3.5 kids and a dog or two.  besides, all the accidents during the snow this season were with SUV idiots who thought they could drive however they wanted.

    Nick wants a truck, but that’s because it’s practical for him; he could put it to good use every day for work. 

    you work in COMPUTERS….do you really need a big truck to make you feel like more of a man? i’m not meaning to insinuate anything here; just kidding you. 

    why not a Hybrid?

  • Jason McIntosh

    Well, the truck is because everytime I haven’t had a truck, it’s been bloody difficult to take anything ANYWHERE.  It’d be nice to be able to toss my bike in the back, go hit the trails.  Further, to get to my grandmothers in southeast MO, it takes a truck to get in and out, or a vehicle with a fair bit of ground clearance.  *grin* Getting a car over a creek can be a bit difficult at times.

  • tanya

    well, we have Saturns, and we have NO problem with bikes.  we’ve got one of those bike racks that you hook onto your trunk–easy!

    the other question is…how often do you visit your grandmother?

    and no, no one will believe you that that’s what the truck is for.  you’ll get lots of jokes about the size of your….ego.  and compensating.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Well, I was visiting like once a month.  It does make a difference.  And I remember back when I had the F150 – I used it a fair bit.  Plus, as much as I move stuff, it’d be handy not to have to search around for someone with a truck.  Whole self-reliance type thing.

    And yes, bike racks work, but it’s not quite the same, nor as easy.  *grin* I’ve got a bike rack – it took 20 minutes to get on – just the bike – and I didn’t really trust it all that much.  Now, add to that I do occasional DJ work, and all the equipment there, it’d be handy to just lower the bed, load up, and go.  *shrug*

    There’s also advantages if I want to take a load of firewood from my grandmothers, or things like that.  Doesn’t happen if you’re using a car.

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