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by on Mar.12, 2004, under General

Yes, I know, too much thinking, but it’s how I am. I went to lunch with my Mom, took a break from work and stuff, and talked to her about stuff. She agreed with what I did, thinks it was the right decision. Considering that there was a nearby parking lot, completely empty, considering there was no note, considering the circumstances, that towing the guy was an acceptible move. Yes, it wasn’t the nicest move I could have made, but neither was parking behind my vehicle on a work day when I had to be at work at 7:30am, particularly considering there were other options. When it comes down to it, the guy had NO excuse for parking behind my vehicle in my own driveway.

I could have gotten a ride, yes, but at the same time, regardless of the ride option, it was the guys choice to park behind me, instead of walking a little bit. It wasn’t the nicest thing to do on my part, but it was effective.

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  • tanya

    It’s the ride option that really makes your actions unacceptable.  To not accept a ride just because of your fucking ego?  that’s just stupid.

    you know i always tell you exactly what i think.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Yes, I should have accepted the ride.  That does NOT mean that I still shouldn’t have had the guy towed.  That’s the decision that I was doubting on, but I still think I made the right choice.  Yes, it isn’t exactly nice, but sometimes being nice also means you get run over.  I don’t intend to get run over – had that happen too many times.

  • tanya

    if you had gotten home from work this evening and the guy was STILL there AND you checked with the people on either side of your unit (people on the other half of the duplex, and the people on either side of your whole unit–even people across the street), and no one knew whose car it was or owned up to it…THEN i would agree with the towing.

    but not without checking around more and giving the guy some time.

  • Jason McIntosh

    I disagree.  It was a problem then and there, and it was his responsibility NOT to park in a place obviously not his, particularly considering the availability of a parking lot nearby.  Even more, considering it was on a week night, things like that, it was his choice, and his “screwup”.  If I were in the same situation, and had parked behind someone else and left my car there overnight, and someone had it towed, it would definitely be my fault, and I could very easily understand such behavior.

  • Jason McIntosh

    (behavior meaning, having had my car towed).  It would have been my own fault for doing something that stupid, and inconsiderate.

  • tonya

    Jason, you’re thinking yourself in circles – two hours ago you were almost maybe close to accepting that you were wrong, and now you’re back where you started.

    NO MORE THINKING.  dammit.

  • Anna

    Honestly, is it really my place to say if Jason’s actions were correct or incorrect? His allowance of himself to allow other’s to know his struggles is more than I can say for myself.

    What caught my intrigue was the abundance of comments received regarding this one issue.

    We all know making decisions in haste can be unfair often selfish. But I also weighed Jason had responsilbites of work to attend to. I do not think Jason’s intentions were “evil”. Even so if his intentions were malicious, should we be now overjoyed at the guilt he feels? He is sorry, because he knows the wrongs of what he has done. Which is sometimes worth more. There can be thousands of St. Johns.. whom was the beloved of Christ.. but there are not many Peters. Whom Christ chose to be His “rock” The legend of St. Peter states he mourned for denying Christ, he mourned so much he created creases in his face where the tears ran down.

    Would you rather one Peter, than a thousand Johns?

    Be glad at Jason’s remorse.

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