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Fever time!

by on Mar.17, 2004, under General

Just took my temperature. A lovely 99.6. *sigh* I feel like total crap. Lots of orange juice going in, feel like tossing it all out. Figures.me sick, sitting here all alone. At least I have internet, can chat. Course, there’s only one or two people online. And it would also figure that I get sick on beer day…, er, St. Patrick’s day. Sometimes life just stinks. Oh well. Time for more orange juice….. Hmm, maybe I should add some vodka.

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*sigh* Yes, I’m sick…

by on Mar.17, 2004, under General

I hate being sick. I’m stiting here at work too which is worse. Course, I don’t know if I’m going to make a full day here at work. I’m already spacing so bad it’s insane. Trying to finish up one task here at work so I can go home, crash heavily, etc.

For those curious, here are the symptops. Slight to major disorientation (which may just be leftover small n, big fucking Q! – nyQuil). I’ve got a sore throat, head hurts, nauseated, very blah, tired, etc. Lots of sicky type things.

There are probably lots of other things I could say right now. I like swords and sharp pointy sticks for example. Or that the voices are coming to take me away smile. But, I’ll refrain from the majority of other comments. *sigh* I just hope I’m better here in a few days for the weekend. I HATE being sick.

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