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I wish Missouri knew how to build roads…

by on Mar.20, 2004, under General

I was on my way to St. Louis to visit some friends and hopefully Sunday, my grandmother. Anyways, traffic was dead stopped just on the west side of Warrenton on I-70 heading East into St. Louis. For those of you unfamiliar with Missouri, that’s about exit marker 197 or so. May have even been a bit sooner – I wasn’t keeping track too well. Anyways, I figured oh, major accident ahead or something like that. No big deal, it’ll clear out here eventually.

Now, jump forward in time to about an hour later, and 15 miles or so down the road. I-70 was down to ONE lane, on a Friday night, at one of the busiest interchanges. The area RIGHT before the I-61 exit. This is a major intersection, and traffic was being backed up for hours, due to these morons having no idea how to do road work without shutting down all but one lane. *ARRGGGHHH*. Hear my roar of frustration and irritation. *sigh* Stupid Missouri road construction stuff. I really really wish they’d get half a clue.

Oh yeah, hello from St. Louis, and to all St. Louis folk smile (and to everyone else out there too)

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  • gina

    Hello from a St. Louisan!  Looking forward to seeing you and Lisa!  Gimme a call. 

  • tanya

    umm….y’know, there are *only* two lanes of traffic each way on 70 near the 40/61 interchange approaching stl.

    so if they shut down “all but one lane” they’ve only shut down one lane.

    but i understand the frustration; i got stuck in traffic just past wentzville last week when i was coming back from columbia.  there was an accident, in that case, but plenty of people decided to cross the grassy space and get on the outer frontage road, rather than wait.

    at least one person got a ticket!

  • Jason McIntosh

    Yeah, there’s only two lanes of traffic, but you can open up a third temporarily if need be, to allow traffic to get through.  It’s not hard to do this, and it would make life a LOT easier, instead of delaying everyone an hour or more.  *sigh* I’ve seen it done – it’s NOT that hard to do

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