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It was a good weekend :)

by on Mar.22, 2004, under General

Other than the really annoying drive in, that is. I got to hang out with some friends, saw the Passion (which is another whole topic I’m not going into right now), slept a fair bit, and got to test out my new-to-me truck.

There were really two big events – Saturday evening, I went to Rue 13, a club over in St. Louis. I hung out with Doug Heagler, Joey Cavenaugh, Gina Cosas, and Lisa Hanewinkel. It was a lot of fun, having sushi, hanging out, relaxing, playing pool, having a few drinks, and just taking it easy. It did bring back some memories, and I ended up thinking too much, but it was still a good time, and a good evening. Good company can make a lot of things good smile

The other big event was Sunday (and I count it as the MUCH bigger “event”) – visiting my grandmother. My dad drove down, dropped of the van which I had been borrowing for a while until I found a vehicle. It’s kinda sad – it was the last trip for the van, the end of it’s travels, travels of which I was a part of for a LONG time. The transmission or something else in it is kinda of dying, and it doesn’t handle long trips very well at all.

Anyways, it was a very good visit, in that not only did I get to return the van, I got to visit my grandmother for the first time in wayyy too long, and a chance to look around, and take pictures of a place I love, and have a lot of memories of. Only one other person, other than family has ever seen the place, other than friends of my grandmother’s or my dad’s. It’s always been hard to describe the place, so this time, I have a few pictures to show. They can’t show the depth of what the place means to me, or so many other things, but here they are for you to look at: pictures of grandmothers – just the general area. This trip was both very wonderful, in that spring is starting to show down there, but also hard in a way, as it’s seeing how things change over time, how things progress and move on, and how sometimes time leaves things alone, but how time also seems to destroy things, and yet also create them. There’s just a lot of thoughts currently unformed, a lot of memories, thinking, etc. to do.

One thing I do know though, I do someday want to take my kids down there, to show them where a part of me is, where a part of my family is, to involve them in my family history. Patrick, who is very much my mom’s son rather than my dad’s, doesn’t have much interest right now in the place, and I find it sad. It’s just so much a part of me, the place means so much to me, in a way I can’t describe, that it’s something I always want to be part of my life.

Aside from all the thinking (which is still going on), my new truck worked well this trip, allowing me to load a ton of wood, and VERY easily get in and out. It brings back a lot of memories, of when my dad used to take us kids down in the old F-150. Of course, that F-150 is gone, sold a long time ago, but it was my first truck, and this is reminiscent of that. What was also weird with the whole situation, was that my dad was a complete passenger, he didn’t drive the truck at all, and it’s odd for me, as I used to always be the passenger, and he the driver. It’s just kinda odd how some things come full circle, how things turn out in the world. I wonder someday if/when I’ll be driving my kids down to visit, and if someday they’ll be driving ME. Just a lot of thoughts there, lots of looking at the future.

The only down side of the day, was a major allergy attack from loading the wood into the truck. It’s left me pretty messed up, head wise, lung wise, etc. I should have taken allegra or other stuff before I started loading wood, but I wasn’t thinking at the time. SO, I’m still dealing with that mess. And as I’m still feeling sick, and it’s almost 11pm, I think I’m going to call it a night. Good night to you readers, God bless, and God keep and take care of you all!

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