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Updated the about page

by on Mar.24, 2004, under Site Updates

I’ve updated my about page. It’s got a few pictures, my GPG keys, and some other information. I finally got around to updating my resume, changing some of the information on there, fixing it up, etc. It’s still not perfect, but take a look try it out. There’s also a form where you can email me, my IM information, etc. So, take a look, let me know what you think. And, if you hear of a job in St. Louis for a computer programmer, feel free to send them the resume smile Thanks!

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  • c2

    dude. what is with your hair in that first pic?

    yes, we were all young once. and yes, for every bad photo of you, there are probably 20 blackmail photos of ME.

    the second pic is like, “I AM SO PISSED THAT I WILL SOON KICK MY OWN ASS.”

  • Jason McIntosh

    Well, the one pic was from when I was trying a different look – old school picture.  I need to actually get a few decent pictures – I’m not sure I have any that are “decent”.

    The other picture though was from work.  It was me sitting around, playing with my digital camera.  BUT, I don’t have anything decent, as said, so I posted what I had.

  • tanya

    c2, I was gonna say the second picture looked like a constipation commercial…but that would be rude.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *laugh* Hey, take it easy now people It’s not THAT bad.  Well, ok, maybe they are.  Anyone want to give me a hand finding a better picture?  Anyone have a better one of me?  I’m not sure what I’ve got – I’m better at taking pictures of other people.

  • tanya

    given what c2 said, i couldn’t resist. it’s not a *bad* picture–probably has the same problem i’ve seen in a lot of pictures of you:  you’re not smiling!  photography isn’t a new form of chinese water torture, y’know.  you’ve got the looks…now use them.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *laugh* Yeah, it’s true, I don’t smile enough Glad to hear I’ve got the looks though Hmm, got any suggestions on using them?

  • tanya

    I’m married!  i don’t have the slightest fucking CLUE how a person should go about using their looks.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Course, being married means you were good at using your looks for a while Although with you Tanya, it was looks, charm, intellect, and many other things.  Congrats to you!  Oh well.  I’ll have to just flirt like crazy, show my “charm” (yes, you can laugh at that), try and pretend to be intelligent and all that other stuff and see how I do *grin*

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