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Oh shit….

by on Mar.28, 2004, under General

Was about to head to bed last night, when all of a sudden my whole body went nuts. Nose clogged up, throat got sore, etc. etc. etc. Went to bed, woke up this morning, still very sick, and as a result, I checked my temperature.


Um, damn. Wondering if maybe this is the point where I should hit urgent care or something, but it’s kinda hard to focus my eyes at this point. What’s worse, is that even with that fever, I’m still feeling really really cold. *sigh* Ok, back to laying down. I’ve got IM’s and email up though, so if anyone has any comments, leave a message, IM me, whatever, drop me a line. I’m not sure how coherent this blog post is, so please pardon if my grammar is off, I can’t spell or make coherent sentances. Also, as a last note, I hate being sick & alone, that’s even worse than just being sick, so don’t be afraid to IM me or something.

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  • Tania

    Ello..sorry I didn’t feel good yesterday either.. heh.

  • tanya

    1.  do NOT go to the E.R.  all the people with colds/flu who come to the ER seriously back up the availability for the reallllly sick people.

    2.  you don’t need to go to the urgent care *right now*.  drink lots and lots and lots of fluids–i personally recommend that you go get a bunch of those one-liter bottles of Evian or another type of bottled water.  drink at LEAST two of those a day, if not more.

    3.  rest, rest, rest.

    4.  if the fever last more than a couple of days, then go to the urgent care.  otherwise, just push the fluids (seriously–this is the best thing to help the cold/flu/whatever).

  • Jason McIntosh

    Well, considering the fever was rising, from 101.1 to 101.3, and I was still shivering & stuff, felt like I couldn’t get warm, and start coughing big time, was having more and more problems breathing, I said screw it, went in.  Urgent care isn’t a big deal to visit.  I wouldn’t have gone to the ER, but Urgent Care isn’t too much of a concern.  Anyways, went, they tell me it’s an infection, massive fluid build up behind ears & stuff, etc.  So, get a Z-Pac, which is Arithamyacin, and another thing to drain the fluid out of sinus’s.  It’s a major decongestant, and is helping.  Thankfully.  I still feel like crap, but it’s much better than earlier.

  • Tania

    Well I think you did the right thing, I’m sorry but if your fever goes up that high, and keeps rising, you probably need to go in if it doesn’t start going down soon.  I definitely don’t think it’s good to go more than one day with a fever..ew.  I think if your fever goes up to around 106 for too long, you can get some brain damage, and that’s not good at all.

  • jenny

    ick. that happened to my boyfriend earlier this year but he had the flu. I had the same problem last year and in those cases, you should seriously considering getting to a doctor quick. They can give you medication that reduces the severity of the symptoms so you don’t get as sick and for as long.

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