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Ahg.  I’m NOT going to get sick…

by on Mar.16, 2004, under General

Woke up this morning with the oh so fun scratchy throat, feeling blah, nauseated, not wanting to swallow, etc. stuff. I’m NOT going to get sick, I’m NOT going to get sick, I’m NOT going to get sick. There, said it three times. Hopefully it’ll stick. *sigh* Tonight might be sit at home, hot tea, sleep night. I’m not sure yet, as I kinda wanted to go out with friends, and hang out, have a few beers, but that may not happen now….. Oh well, such is life.

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Another welcome to a poetshome blogger :)

by on Mar.16, 2004, under Site Updates

Welcomes go to Lisa! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Bookmark her blog, or add her rss feed to your rss news reader, comment on her entries, and all that fun bloggy stuff smile

Welcome Ms. Stargazer! smile

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What the heck? It’s 8:45!!

by on Mar.13, 2004, under General

Ok, this is a first for me. Well, not a first, as I woke up this early at times the last few years for fishing trips or similar. But, this is first time I’ve woken up, on my own, with no alarm, before 11am on a Saturday. *sigh* Even more, I actually went to bed before 10pm! Weird, very weird….

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F150 goodness

by on Mar.12, 2004, under General

So, those who know what an F150 can already guess – I’m getting a new truck. Well, new to me smile It’s a 1998 F150 XLT, Regular cab, 4×4 Offroad. I’m getting a pretty good deal on it, it’s in pretty good condition, and includes a camper shell, and some other fun features smile And of course, I have to have the obligatory pictures.

And of course, some other pictures. The truck is a manual, 5 speed, which I wanted, with the 4.2L V6. It’s got plenty of room and hauling capacity for whatever I could want to do. Further, it’s the long bed, so I could fit a queen sized bed in there with no problems smile

A few other pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

I’m really liking how this truck drives, feels, etc. It’s solid, the doors feel like they’re at a good height, the seats are pretty comfortable, etc. Any comments? Thoughts? Opinions? Questions? To see the originals in full size, check here: Original full size pictures

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Yet more thoughts :)

by on Mar.12, 2004, under General

Yes, I know, too much thinking, but it’s how I am. I went to lunch with my Mom, took a break from work and stuff, and talked to her about stuff. She agreed with what I did, thinks it was the right decision. Considering that there was a nearby parking lot, completely empty, considering there was no note, considering the circumstances, that towing the guy was an acceptible move. Yes, it wasn’t the nicest move I could have made, but neither was parking behind my vehicle on a work day when I had to be at work at 7:30am, particularly considering there were other options. When it comes down to it, the guy had NO excuse for parking behind my vehicle in my own driveway.

I could have gotten a ride, yes, but at the same time, regardless of the ride option, it was the guys choice to park behind me, instead of walking a little bit. It wasn’t the nicest thing to do on my part, but it was effective.

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Yes, I am a bit of a hothead….

by on Mar.12, 2004, under General

I do know that I have a temper, and a fairly rapidly activated one. It’s something I’ve struggled with in the past, and it’s something I still struggle with. Perhaps I made a mistake in having this guys vehicle towed, that I should have been calmer about it. BUT, on the other hand, I don’t like letting things go, letting problems go. *sigh* I just need to keep better control of things. In that aspect, I made a mistake, in not perhaps “turning the other cheek”. So, in some ways, I am at fault. I don’t like admitting mistakes either, but I think perhaps this morning I made a mistake in not being calmer, or thinking about it more, and instead I made a mistake in just reacting. I’ve gotten better about it here lately, and a lot of things I do remain calm on, but like anything else, it seems I fail a lot too…

I guess what that means is I need to learn to relax, but find a way to still do what I feel is necessary to do what’s “right”. This morning, I did what I felt was right, even though perhaps I wasn’t necessarily entirely in the right. At least, not in the right in my emotions or response. I did an action that resolved things, although not as nicely as I could have done. But, I don’t know for sure. It’s something I’ve still got to think about….

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*sigh* Some people…

by on Mar.12, 2004, under General

Ok, I have to ask, what kind of moron parks in someone else’s driveway, BEHIND someone else’s vehicle, blocking them from leaving? On a work day? Do people think, or is there too much alcohol in the blood to make rational thought possible?

As part of this, I had to have them towed, so I could actually get out. I hate doing that, and I feel pretty guilty about doing so. I keep wondering if there was something else I could have done, but I needed my vehicle. It’s one of those too, if I don’t do it, and let it slide, isn’t there the possibility that this person will do it again? Will they perhaps learn from this mistake if they actually have to pay for it? Further, there’s the whole thing of what would Jesus do in such a situation? Course, Jesus wouldn’t have had a car, and probably would have just made this guys’ car vanish and reappear someplace else or something like that, but it’s just one of those things I have to ask myself – did I do the right thing?

It’s one of those things that the only thing I can come up with is that you have to be responsible for your own actions. This responsibility means that when something happens, you deal with it. If I’m blocked in, the only real alternative I had was catch a ride, which is a major inconvenience. This person’s responsibility was to not park in someone else’s driveway, blocking them in.

As a general rule, I believe that if you make a mistake, fix it that mistake, no matter what the cost to yourself, no matter how difficult. And this applies to everyone, or, in my view that this rule should apply to everyone. You fix your own mistakes. More, don’t blame someone else if it’s your problem. This seems so much like a responsibility issue to me, and I hope it doesn’t become a problem, or that this person doesn’t be a jerk about it, because it is in the end their fault. I did what I felt I had to do. *sigh* Just hate it when stuff like this happens, when I have to do soemthing I don’t like doing.

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Some old pictures…

by on Mar.10, 2004, under General

Thought I’d post this: Photo gallery I’m working on scanning in all my old photos from Newman and other stuff, and posting them there for anyone to see. If people have digital photos and would like me to add them there, let me know smile Anyways, for all you old newmanites, check it out, see what you think. I’ve only got a few there at the moment.

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Hmm, a 4×4?

by on Mar.10, 2004, under General

I’m trying to figure out what vehicle I should look at. I’m leaning HEAVILIY towards pickup truck (although an SUV would work as well). I definitely know one thing – I want a manual transmission. I thought I wanted a 4×4 as well, but I’m wondering if I really need a 4×4.

I’ve never really owned a 4×4. I’ve owned several front wheel drive vehicles, and those have handled snow fine. Further, my very first truck, an 84 F150 was rear wheel drive, and I managed with it. Further, my Dad hasn’t ever owned a 4×4 until the last few years, and he got along fine, even in New Hampshire. It’s just a question of whether a 4×4 is really worth the money. I’m not planning on doing any real off-roading, and I can probably get into my grandmothers fine with a 4×2.

If I don’t do a 4×4, then should I look for anything else? I’m thinking maybe just an extended cab, manual, 4×2 might work well for me. And before anyone says it, yes, I know gas is going to stink, but that’s the price I pay for a truck. Particularly since I’m looking for a large pickup truck, i.e. a F150 or 1500 of some sort. So, any comments from the few readers? Suggestions? Thoughts? Etc.?

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On the nature of free will

by on Mar.09, 2004, under General

I have gotten into several interesting conversations, on God’s plan, free will, and related concepts. There’s been some interesting stuff with that, things I’ve sorta come to understand and “figure out”. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, and my thoughts may change, but I think they’re pretty accurate.

First, God does have a plan, but with that plan, there’s the issue of free will. It’s up to us whether to follow the plan God has set for us. We can choose to ignore him, and thus his plan for us may not come to fruition. This often brings pain and problems, and can screw us up greatly. We can choose to ignore him, and that also brings pain – pain of loss from the most important aspect of our lives. Some people never realize the loss until they’ve found God. This is a choice we all can make.

Second, on the nature of free will and relationships and soul mates and stuff. We can choose to love, and choose not to love (sorta – I’ll explain more there in a moment). With that choice, comes the realization that we can love multiple people, that though there may be a person who matches us very well, another person may still be compatible and a viable mate, as it’s free will. We can choose to love that person, we can choose also whether to work on things, to talk, or not to do so. It’s all about choices.

However, though love is a choice, it’s also not a choice, in that sometimes we don’t choose – we just love. We can choose to try and forget that love, we can choose to make ourselves believe something else, we can choose a different path, but what’s in our hearts is the hardest thing to change. It can be changed, that whole free will and choice thing, but it’s very difficult. o, love is a choice, but it’s also not a choice, in that we may love without choosing to do so, for some reason. I believe God puts it in our hearts, puts that love there for a reason. And it’s up to us whether we choose to acknowledge it, forget it, or ignore it. And with that love, we can choose whether to work on it, to make it something wonderful, or to lose it forever.

Further, when we talk about mates, relationships, and things like that, there really is a huge factor of decision. We can choose whether to work on things, or not. Each person has the ability to choose to talk, to discuss, to figure things out. It’s that more than any other factor which determines whether a person is right for someone else – it’s a matter of choice. You can choose a person, or not choose a person. And you can choose to work on things, or not to work on things. If you really love a person, if there is a connection, and you choose to work on it, to talk to each other, then it can work well. Even the most different of people, if they love each other, talk to each other, can still work out. I’ve seen it several times, and I’ve also seen people who should work, who are very compatible mentally not work, due to not talking, not making good choices.

A last quote, and thought. “We can’t change the past, but we can change the future.” Though we can never change past decisions, we can choose our future ones, and that choice includes working on things, whether to value the love we’ve been given, whether we work to communication, etc. Sometimes we make mistakes, but it’s NEVER too late to repair a mistake, to fix things, if you choose to work on those things. Too many marriages have ended because the people involved weren’t willing to work on things. Some end for reasons such as one person being a jerk, but a lot end just because the people won’t put the effort forth. A person can choose to close a door, to not put the effort forth that such a thing might require, no matter what the reward. Even if it’s God’s plan, we can choose to ignore.

In the end, love is a choice, God’s plan is a choice, and whom we choose to love, whom we end up with, is a choice. Love is a major factor in this, more than many other things. So is communication, time, effort, but more than anything else, I think it’s all about the choices we make. We can choose to tell ourselves something will work, and make ourselves believe it, or make ourselves believe that something won’t work.

I just hope now, and in the future, to make the right choices. I know I’ve made some mistakes in the past, but I can see them now, and know I won’t make the same mistakes again. I just hope to have the chance to make those choices…

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