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Can they do this???

by on Apr.28, 2004, under General

Saw this site that’s selling music based upon the size of the download, not the straight fee most other places sell at. Further, they’ll encode the music in whatever format you wish, i.e. AAC, OGG, MP3, WMA, etc. Anyways, for say a 30MB MP3 file, a roughly 4 minute song, you pay 30 cents. Yeah, that’s right 30 CENTS. Most online stores right now are .99 or .89 at the minimum. I have NO clue how they got away with this. Anyways, here’s the links on some of the news, and the site itself.

I’m probably going to try it later today – for that price, it’s REALLY hard to pass up. The register article compared it – you can get $1000 of music for $50. Hmmmmmmmmm….

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Some game nostalgia here

by on Apr.27, 2004, under Technical

A friend send me a link to this online html based game and it got me started thinking about some old game systems I ran. I used to run a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) back when I was in highschool (a LONG time ago). Well, just for nostalgia sake, I started the thing up. You can try playing it here. It’s a pretty cool system, although it takes a few minutes to learn the basiscs. Try it out, see what ya think!

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Ok, maybe not mountain dew…

by on Apr.27, 2004, under General

I’m drinking LOTS of water again, due to having a sore throat and other assorted uncomfortableness with my body. I hate feeling “off” – and it’s been one of those “off” days for the last few weeks. *sigh* Oh well. So, I’m trying to curtail my usual intake of diet mountain dew. Anyways, with that “restricted” intake of mountain dew, I guess I won’t be getting any prizes. However, while checking news and stuff this morning, I found a minifridge which is much better than the one from that mountain dew contest.

This mini-fridge from thinkgeek has a slightly larger storage capacity, and it allows you to see the current temperature – kinda handy. It’s entertaining to me that lately, I’ve been looking at stuff as it applies to work, or would help out here, rather than my usual toys. Course, I still like toys, i.e. a sword I bought here a while back…. smile

But, I can’t help but think it’d be handy to have a minifridge at work, where I could toss in drinks, my lunch, etc. so I didn’t have to go down the hall to the main fridge. Further, I don’t have to share the fridge space, it’s right here next to me so it’s easy to reach over, grab a drink, I can keep things long term, such as meat/cheese stuff for lunch, things like that. I’m probably at some point, as a result, going to buy one of these. They’re just too handy smile

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Yet another post!  Oy, one of those days :)

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Ok, after following some links through the geek dating site thing (see below), I found a new webcomic that ROCKS. And of course, already found one that applies to me…. I’m SUCH a geek smile

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I wasn’t going to post again today, but had to on this!

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Ok, yes, I’m definitely a geek – all who know me (and those who don’t from this site could probably guess) realize this. *grin* It’s interesting to note the traditional conditions and aflictions of the geek – i.e. lack of social skills. I don’t consider myself one with that afliction, or at least, not to the extreme degree of the vampiric geek, but I do tend to be more into online social discussions than real life ones.

Anyways, I was reading that car posting earlier, and saw a geek girl posted on slashdot. Curious, I had to see her homepage (I mean, come on, there are VERY few geek girls out there), and she had posted an awesome article. I do mean awesome in the sense that it’s one of those articles that you know the information, maybe intuitively, maybe through experience, or maybe through an act of god. However you know it, you know it. BUT, some of us don’t know everything, and some things it’s good to have spelled out. The article she posted on dating for geeks was one of those. It’s an article that doesn’t apply to just geeks, so read it anyways. I found it quite enjoyable as it has humor. As said, I already knew quite a bit of the information, but it does help to re-read and keep the stuff in mind. Also keep in mind, that like any article or view point from another person, it may or may not apply in totality to you (to all you single people anyways). But, I did find a lot in there quite informative and well done. So, take a look, see what ya think.

Anyone have any thoughts on dating they’d like to add? Comments? Opinions? Etc.? I’m kinda curious (particularly after you’ve read the article) – particularly when it applies to me smile

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I want one of these! (well, all preferrably)

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Was reading slashdot this morning, and saw that someone has a delorean time machine up for sale. Or more, that they have a replica. It’s a very beautiful machine, in pretty good condition. Then, I looked at some of the other cars this guy/company is selling. I mean, WOW. That’s all I can say. I’d take any one of these cars.

Yes, for those who don’t know me (and even for some who do), I’m a car nut. It’s not a heavy case of insanity, but it does aflict me every now and then, particularly on some older classic cars. I still say someday I’d LOVE to have a GTO, or perhaps a Shelby Cobra, or an old Impala SS. On the Impala, not sure what year I like most, although the 64, 65, 67, and perhaps a few other years are on the favorites list. On most of the others, I’d have a preference – i.e. a Shelby 427, but I love any sort of classic car. Someday, when I have my own house, I intend to find an old car, rebuild it from the ground up. I figure it’ll be a learning process, and I’ll also have a really cool vehicle as a result smile Some of these cars are pieces of history, works of american engineering art – how can you NOT admire such things? Actually, the only modern car I’d really love and have the hots, as well as count as competition for american engineering art, is the viper. It’s kinda a throwback in some ways, and one of the few modern cars that can compete.

Almost forgot to add, I still think the Delorean’s were cool cars. Found a site that actual has a few up for sale. I like the whole doors going up thing instead of opening to the side – just a cool concept. Maybe not practical, but definitely cool.

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by on Apr.15, 2004, under General

For those not aware, Pepsi, the fine makers of mountain dew (well, I drink diet mountain dew) have started a nice new promotion. Sadly, considering my intake of mountain dew, I imagine I’ll be able to obtain most of the prizes relatively easily and quickly. Unless of course the masses of other mountain dew drinkers get there first, which is quite likely. Back in Highschool, I would have been one of the first to get the prizes….. Ohhh well.

Anyways, check out the promotion – I already know what I’d like – one of the xboxes, but it’s going to be a LOT of points. Each 24 pack of mountain dew is only worth like 6 points. So, for the 550 item, that means 91 24 packs of mountain dew. Hmm, I’ve got 4 months. That’s 22 cases of diet mountain dew a month. Which is why I’m not going to sleep for the next few months. Course, they’ve got a 600 point item that rocks too – a snow board… hmmmm…

Another option, though I’d prefer the xbox is a 300 point item – a minifridge. The minifridge has a DC adapter, so I could take it in the car with me, which is kinda cool. Or, I’d just keep it here at work to keep my daily supply of dew cold smile. I still think I’d prefer the xbox, although the minifridge only requires 12.5 cases per month (300 points, 6 points per case, 4 months time is 300/6/4).

Anyone out there drink mountain dew, and want to help me out? I could use more codes for those who do so – Here’s the list of products that give codes. Mmmmm, time to go infuse my blood stream with caffeine…

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Quotes, thoughts

by on Apr.14, 2004, under General

I know some people don’t like Meat Loaf’s music, but I’m sorry, Bat out of Hell II (lyrics link) was a pretty good CD, and I like the album. But, that’s me, and I don’t care whether people hate or like his music – I enjoy some of it (keep in mind, only some). Some of the lyrics in Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through which I was listening to I found interesting, and thought I’d post them, courtesy of Lyricsfreak.com: Keep in mind, this is one example, and not maybe what was intended by the song, but some phrases you can’t help but notice.

  • You cant run away forever
    But theres nothing wrong with getting a good head start
  • Youve been through the fires of hell
    And I know youve got the ashes to prove it
  • Youre never alone cause you can put on the phones
    And let the drummer tell your heart what to do

There’s some thoughts there, in that music for me is an escape, and how often when I’m struggling with thoughts or when stuff is going on in my head, I turn to music. I “put on the phones” and let my mind go with the music. Some days its really hard industrial (usually when I’m really upset or pissed off at something), other days, it’s light rock, some days, jazz, some days, just any kind of rock. I think Jenni Melcher said it once, that “if I could add anything to my life, it would be a constant soundtrack”. Something along those lines (pardon Jenni for butchering that!). Anyways, I feel like that – that I wish I could have music playing nearly every minute of the day, because music, of any type, almost always affects me, and is often what I turn to when life is hard.

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I Love Tuna Fish :)

by on Apr.12, 2004, under General

Just had to get online and say that. I’ve got these little lunch type things with tuna, relish, and mayo. They’re cheap, maybe like a dollar a piece, and work great as a portable on the fly lunch. Of course, any fish works great – Mahi-Mahi, Salmon, Trout, whatever. But, tuna fish is cheap, easy, doesn’t really require preparation, and it only takes a second to toss it in my bag and go. So, I’ll say it again. I love tuna fish smile

Oh yeah, one other thing. No cherries, olives, yogurt and icecream, or similar things with my tuna – had that craving earlier wink Could have sworn I was pregnant for a while there, even without having the right biological equipment to make it work. Oy, weird tastes…

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Now this would flip ya out

by on Apr.09, 2004, under General

In CANNETO DI CARONIA, Sicily, they’ve been having massive problems with random electrical items catching on fire for no apparent reason – TOTALLY bizarre. I mean, it’s like, dude, your cellphone suddenly starts fizzing and flashing and catches fire, or you go, turn on the lights to your room, and every bulb in the house burns out, and the wires in the walls catch on fire or some weird stuff like that. TOTALLY creepy. And NO one has a clue why.

Sorry, the msnbc link disappeared – here’s another link: Updated link

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