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Hmm, an interesting weekend

by on Apr.05, 2004, under General

Well, the party went off quite well. We had lots of people show up, good dancing, lots of discussion, etc. Only problem is I’ve got half a keg of beer still sitting in my kitchen. So, anyone in the area who wants to come over and help drink it down, let me know smile

Aside from that, Saturday was spent mostly resting at home, relaxing there. Saturday evening, played some pool, relaxed, etc. and then went home, stayed up late into the evening, watching movies and just thinking. No real thoughts or answers, or anything in particular I was thinking about. I was just letting my mind roam, completely free, no organization or coherence to any of my thoughts. It was a late night then, up till something like 5am. But, it was a pretty good evening.

Sunday, woke up around 10am. Was hoping to go fishing or do something along those lines, but that was a no go. Instead, browsed the net for a few hours Sunday morning, then sometime around 1pm, worked on getting my act together to actually do something. And ended up going to parents house, hanging out there for 4 hours or so, helping my Dad out with his airplane. It’s going quite well, and the engine should be in towards the end of this month. The canopy is near done, and actually, quite a bit is near to completion – essentially the whole plane smile Probably this summer, it’ll be flying! I’m looking forward to that.

And of course, Sunday evening I had mass. Here’s the thing – I completely forgot it was Palm Sunday, and it was a BIG change, as I had very little preparation having been sick off and on for two or three weeks. I hadn’t even really thought about mass until I showed up. What makes this all relevant is I run the sound board, and as such, I’m usually the one who takes care of setting up microphones, getting everything mixed properly, making sure stuff sounds good and there’s no feedback. Well, the trick with Palm Sunday, is they do a reading for the Passion. The trick part of it is that it means 5 extra microphones and a heck of a lot of difference in how the board is laid out, how sound is run, etc. etc. Which meant ALL during mass, I was doing this hyper dance to get everything to work right. The only real problem I had was a) forgetting to turn one persons microphone up at the beginning, and b) several people having NO clue how to use a microphone (SM58 style). As a result, it was near impossible to hear them, even with things turned up REALLY loud, to a point where I was risking feedback.

The topper of the evening though, was when after mass, all of a sudden my head starts pounding, and my right ear HURTS. I mean, really hurts, like it feels it’s burning. I’m guessing some sort of ear infection, as today my sinus’s are running like crazy, I still feel like overall crap, and my cough isn’t improved at all.

*sigh* Life seems to never leave you alone at times. I guess when it rains, it pours. Course, in my case lately, it seems to be a flash flood, or the “Monsopi’s” (Duck Tails reference). I think a new ocean is starting here in my life from all the stuff hitting lately. Maybe today will be a half-way decent day….

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