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by on Apr.15, 2004, under General

For those not aware, Pepsi, the fine makers of mountain dew (well, I drink diet mountain dew) have started a nice new promotion. Sadly, considering my intake of mountain dew, I imagine I’ll be able to obtain most of the prizes relatively easily and quickly. Unless of course the masses of other mountain dew drinkers get there first, which is quite likely. Back in Highschool, I would have been one of the first to get the prizes….. Ohhh well.

Anyways, check out the promotion – I already know what I’d like – one of the xboxes, but it’s going to be a LOT of points. Each 24 pack of mountain dew is only worth like 6 points. So, for the 550 item, that means 91 24 packs of mountain dew. Hmm, I’ve got 4 months. That’s 22 cases of diet mountain dew a month. Which is why I’m not going to sleep for the next few months. Course, they’ve got a 600 point item that rocks too – a snow board… hmmmm…

Another option, though I’d prefer the xbox is a 300 point item – a minifridge. The minifridge has a DC adapter, so I could take it in the car with me, which is kinda cool. Or, I’d just keep it here at work to keep my daily supply of dew cold smile. I still think I’d prefer the xbox, although the minifridge only requires 12.5 cases per month (300 points, 6 points per case, 4 months time is 300/6/4).

Anyone out there drink mountain dew, and want to help me out? I could use more codes for those who do so – Here’s the list of products that give codes. Mmmmm, time to go infuse my blood stream with caffeine…

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  • Tania

    I want a mini fridge

  • Gina

    Umm…you could just go buy the x-box.

    If you can get the 24 packs for a reasonable price, say $5 each, then that’s still 91 packs * $5/pack = $455.  After that, you’d probably have to pay for shipping and handling, which will probably at least run you $15.  You could buy the x-box today for a whole lot less (probably for $75-$100 if you look around and don’t mind it being used), then you’d still pay less and have it about 6 months earlier (aka, 4 months of contest + 6-8 weeks for shipping/handling).

    Unless of course you just want to be hopped up on caffeine for the next few months.  hmmm…caffeine high…maybe I should enter that contest. 

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