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Yet another post!  Oy, one of those days :)

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Ok, after following some links through the geek dating site thing (see below), I found a new webcomic that ROCKS. And of course, already found one that applies to me…. I’m SUCH a geek smile

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I wasn’t going to post again today, but had to on this!

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Ok, yes, I’m definitely a geek – all who know me (and those who don’t from this site could probably guess) realize this. *grin* It’s interesting to note the traditional conditions and aflictions of the geek – i.e. lack of social skills. I don’t consider myself one with that afliction, or at least, not to the extreme degree of the vampiric geek, but I do tend to be more into online social discussions than real life ones.

Anyways, I was reading that car posting earlier, and saw a geek girl posted on slashdot. Curious, I had to see her homepage (I mean, come on, there are VERY few geek girls out there), and she had posted an awesome article. I do mean awesome in the sense that it’s one of those articles that you know the information, maybe intuitively, maybe through experience, or maybe through an act of god. However you know it, you know it. BUT, some of us don’t know everything, and some things it’s good to have spelled out. The article she posted on dating for geeks was one of those. It’s an article that doesn’t apply to just geeks, so read it anyways. I found it quite enjoyable as it has humor. As said, I already knew quite a bit of the information, but it does help to re-read and keep the stuff in mind. Also keep in mind, that like any article or view point from another person, it may or may not apply in totality to you (to all you single people anyways). But, I did find a lot in there quite informative and well done. So, take a look, see what ya think.

Anyone have any thoughts on dating they’d like to add? Comments? Opinions? Etc.? I’m kinda curious (particularly after you’ve read the article) – particularly when it applies to me smile

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I want one of these! (well, all preferrably)

by on Apr.22, 2004, under General

Was reading slashdot this morning, and saw that someone has a delorean time machine up for sale. Or more, that they have a replica. It’s a very beautiful machine, in pretty good condition. Then, I looked at some of the other cars this guy/company is selling. I mean, WOW. That’s all I can say. I’d take any one of these cars.

Yes, for those who don’t know me (and even for some who do), I’m a car nut. It’s not a heavy case of insanity, but it does aflict me every now and then, particularly on some older classic cars. I still say someday I’d LOVE to have a GTO, or perhaps a Shelby Cobra, or an old Impala SS. On the Impala, not sure what year I like most, although the 64, 65, 67, and perhaps a few other years are on the favorites list. On most of the others, I’d have a preference – i.e. a Shelby 427, but I love any sort of classic car. Someday, when I have my own house, I intend to find an old car, rebuild it from the ground up. I figure it’ll be a learning process, and I’ll also have a really cool vehicle as a result smile Some of these cars are pieces of history, works of american engineering art – how can you NOT admire such things? Actually, the only modern car I’d really love and have the hots, as well as count as competition for american engineering art, is the viper. It’s kinda a throwback in some ways, and one of the few modern cars that can compete.

Almost forgot to add, I still think the Delorean’s were cool cars. Found a site that actual has a few up for sale. I like the whole doors going up thing instead of opening to the side – just a cool concept. Maybe not practical, but definitely cool.

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