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It’s kinda sad where the US seems to be heading…

by on May.03, 2004, under News

I remember when Christian and I were discussing the state of the US, where we were heading, general politics and history. One of the things he said, and I saw it, but didn’t want to believe it, or accept it, was that the US seems to be in a kinda decline. Our sciences in particular have been on the MAJOR downside lately. Some may doubt it, but I’m actually not too surprised, considering many factors here in the US. Slashdot has several things listed on this article, such as maybe decreased emphasis on education, or perhaps too much military spending, but I wonder if it’s another factor: The US has gotten complacent in its role of superpower, and is so focused on past glories, that it’s ignoring the future, ignoring what needs to be done. I can’t help but feel there’s a distinct lack of focus on education, or that life is too easy for many families.

I mean, I look at growing up the way I did, with a major focus on studies, getting good grades, etc. Now, I probably “romanticize” it a bit, but when it comes down to it, my family focused heavily on education and doing well. Part of me wonders if it’s as some of the commentary on slashdot mentions – life is too easy for so many of us, so we don’t value what an education can mean. Or, perhaps it’s just a different social arena – i.e. the nerdy kids getting beat up because they’re trying to do well in school only it’s more serious with the extremism of today.

Education is a possible problem, family environment is possible issue, TV/nintendo is possibly the issue, a lot of things are possible causes of the “declination” of the US. One factor I haven’t even mentioned is Bush’s lack of interest in actual science, vs. made up science that fits his policies. Or perhaps it’s just too much spending in the wrong areas. I don’t know – just I feel life is going to crap here in the US, or in a lot of ways, we’ve lost our drive.

So, gotta ask – what do people think? Has the US lost its drive? Are we getting complacent/decadent? Education thoughts? Am I blowing smoke out my arse or perhaps worried over nothing?

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