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Time for clarification

by on Jun.22, 2004, under General

First, a note – I had NOT planned to get intoxicated last night. It did happen, but it wasn’t planned. Note # 2 – don’t mix shots and beer. Note # 3, don’t drink a lot of beer really fast. Note # 4 – sitting at home playing video games would have been smarter.

So, yes, I was drunk enough to hang my head out the window of a friend who was playing DD and shout FUCK YOU WORLD. But, today I’m fine, albeit it tired, and glad I said so. I think every now and then, you need to just say screw life, stick your head out of a window, and shout FUCK YOU WORLD.

However, I wouldn’t recommend getting intoxicated first – or getting intoxicated in general. *sigh* I really really should not have drank as much as I did. Oh well, that’s life…

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  • tanya

    you’re 25, jason.  it’s okay to fuck the world when you have a bad day, but you might want to consider finding new ways to deal with your frustrations.

    everyone has bad days.  and no, you don’t owe anyone an explanation (and no one asked). 

    obviously, you realize that getting drunk isn’t the best idea.  i’m just sayin’ – that’s all.

    you’re not an undergrad anymore:  you’re a grown up.  so buck up and take it like a man, without resorting to fraternity-type “cures” for life’s problems.

  • Jason McIntosh

    I hadn’t planned on getting drunk.  I’d planned on having a few beers, playing some pool, and relaxing.  I did have a friend driving due to planning on having a few beers, but did NOT plan on drinking as much as I did.

    In other words Tanya, I’m very aware that I’m NOT an undergrad, and I don’t drink for a “cure” or that stupid stuff.  Don’t make assumptions on why I was drunk – it wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t to solve any frustrations.  Playing pool, having a few beers was how I was going to relax.  Ending up drunk was NOT an intended side effect, but one that happened because I didn’t pay enough attention to the quantity of beers and alcohol.

  • austgen

    still…you’re doomed

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