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Changed how all poetshome.com blogs appear

by on Aug.24, 2004, under General

Ok, made a MASSIVE change to how the plugin system works on poetshome.com. That means James, Violeta, Anna, Lisa, and I all should have different appearances. Well, sorta. I’ve only got three styles installed at the moment. If anyone wants a different style, let me know, and also let me know if there’s a default style you’d prefer.

For some other styles which I could install, check here: http://www.alexking.org/index.php?content=software/wordpress/styles.php.

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Some other political notes/links

by on Aug.24, 2004, under Politics

I got this link today as well, and figured I’d post it – there’s some very interesting things to consider. This is a flash animation started by the founder of Ben & Jerry’s Icecream – it’s kinda enlightening to look at, and has some very good information. Check it out, see what you think.

And don’t forget to check out the main site with more information on True Majority. They allow you to send faxes, much like the ACLU (another good site) on various social issues.

Ok, had to add one last thing in – for those with iTunes, you can listen to all the democratic convention speeches. These speeches are all free for download. There’s some really amazing speakers who presented – check em out!

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God I hope this sticks through November

by on Aug.24, 2004, under General

Someone on the Missouri Linux Users Group sent this link on the current poll rsults to the linux users group list. I’m REALLY hoping it’s accurate, and that it sticks through November. Let’s get Bush out of office, and a decent president – John Kerry in. I know a lot of people who are republicans, but all I’ve got to say is a lot of people have their own insanities – it’s how it works. *grin* I’ve got some very strong reasons I’m voting for Kerry – things like education, health care, jobs, economy, the whole Iraq mess, international presence, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, regardless of what you believe – go out and vote this November, let your voice be heard. Voting is much more than just a thing to do, it’s a matter of responsiblity. Voting shouldn’t be an option – it should be a requirement in this country, because it makes a HUGE difference. So, go vote (preferrably for Kerry wink), and we’ll see what happens in November.

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