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God I hope this sticks through November

by on Aug.24, 2004, under General

Someone on the Missouri Linux Users Group sent this link on the current poll rsults to the linux users group list. I’m REALLY hoping it’s accurate, and that it sticks through November. Let’s get Bush out of office, and a decent president – John Kerry in. I know a lot of people who are republicans, but all I’ve got to say is a lot of people have their own insanities – it’s how it works. *grin* I’ve got some very strong reasons I’m voting for Kerry – things like education, health care, jobs, economy, the whole Iraq mess, international presence, etc. etc. etc.

Anyways, regardless of what you believe – go out and vote this November, let your voice be heard. Voting is much more than just a thing to do, it’s a matter of responsiblity. Voting shouldn’t be an option – it should be a requirement in this country, because it makes a HUGE difference. So, go vote (preferrably for Kerry wink), and we’ll see what happens in November.

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  • anna

    Kerry a decent president? That, I beg to differ.

    Give me higher taxes, give me horrible healthcare, let the education system go to hell, but don’t, don’t, don’t give me John Kerry for president.

    What does John Kerry stand for……

    Ripping babies from their mother’s wombs and calling it a right.

    Pulling apart with a large pair of “lobster claws” the tiny limbs of a human being so it will be able to fit and make room for the other twenty babies in the garbage pail.

    He stands for inducing a labor watching the baby come half way through the birthing canal and then using forceps to cave in the head of the infant.

    He agrees with pulling apart limb from limb the infant still in the womb so that the now dead child can be picked out of the birthing canal will a little more ease.

    Yes, that is a decent man for you. A true american.. with every fear of God that one could hope for.

    This may not be the only “issue” but this by far the greatest issue. You have your rights, let them have theirs. 

    Instead of making John Kerry president, give him a greater gift than your vote. Give him the gift of teaching him the rights of every US citizen. Teach him the 14th amendment. He is ignorant to it. Vote wisely. Do not let the blood of millions of babies be upon your hands.

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