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Treo, treo, everywhere….

by on Sep.29, 2004, under General

Well, my old Treo 300 died last week – stupid design flaw on these things. The treo 300’s have the flip lid, and the lid has a tendency to crack right where it connects to the main body of the treo. Needless to say, I was NOT happy about this. I’d suspected it was heading down hill fast, but I’d hoped to wait till November or December timeframe so I could order one of the Treo 650’s. The new ones have a much higher res screen, phone, bluetooth, etc. BUT, that’s life – I needed a phone, and thus I bought the Treo 600. It came in Friday in this nice package, second day air shipped. Further, palmone has this deal going for one more day where if you order a Treo 600, you get a free car charger, screen protectors, and dock with it – I think there’s some other offers online too, and I’d highly recommend checking it out. Now, let me do a quick review.


  • First, with regards to size and weight. It’s fairly small – about half the weight of a soda, and maybe the height of a soda can. Altogether, not all that big. It’s pretty slim compared to the earlier treo 300, maybe 2.5″ in width – overall, it’s not a huge phone. It of course is a palm phone, and is larger though than most other cellphones, but it’s acceptible for me. When you consider the added functionality of a palm pilot, it’s worth the extra size in my view.
  • Second, the screen. It’s VERY bright. Unlike the Treo 300, this one is pretty easy to see and read even in sunlight. Of course, it’s not super de duper easy to ready, but the screen is vastly better than the Treo 300. That alone is a huge jump for me. As a general rule though, the thing is pretty readable, regardless of lighting or situation.
  • Third, battery life. I almost think though this should go first. Considering how much I used it this weekend that is. The thing really didn’t take any charging. I ended up charging it briefly I think Sunday, after fairly heavy use Friday and Saturday, while at my grandmothers. I suspect this was in part due to being so far out of the way roaming wasn’t even working.
  • Fourth, an SD slot – that’s kinda handy if you want to use it as an MP3 player (course, I’ve got an iPod, so not likely), or store other stuff on the device. Though I’m not sure yet I’ll use it, it’s nice to have it. Then again, with the camera…. hmmmm…
  • Fifth, the camera. This thing is handy. I’m usually in a lot of places where I don’t have access to my digital camera. Either it’s too big to take along, the batteries die, or I don’t think about bringing it. Having the camera on the phone is just handy. The pictures aren’t exactly high quality, but overall, ease of use and accessibility outweigh the disadvantages. Particularly since I’m not really printing out the pictures, but keeping them for web or similar use.


  • I think the biggest disadvantage for me may end up being the quality of the camera. Though it’s nice and handy to have it available, I REALLY wish there was a bit more resolution for the thing.
  • Lack of bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless protocol which lets the phone use headsets and other devices without wires. This is kinda handy for cars or just general organization – wireless is good smile
  • Another “con” is the keyboard. I like having the full querty keyboard, but it would have been nice if the keys had been a little easier to press without hitting each other. Overall it’s not a huge con, but it’s one of those little things that annoy me.
  • The lack of ability to change the SMS message button to the Applications or Home button. I had this working on my Treo 300. It was handy as I don’t really use SMS a ton, but all of a sudden I can’t get to my “applications” menu without actually hitting the home button. AND the home button doesn’t turn on the treo. So I have to hit the power button, then hit the home button. The trick is the other buttons are all pretty useful. i.e. I can’t really change the phone, datebook, or other buttons. So, this is probably going to be one of my bigger annoyances.
  • The included case is worthless. I wish they’d spent just a tiny bit more money and included a belt clip type case that was half way decent. They include a case that “protects” the Treo 600, but that case is about pointless, as it’s a pain to get the treo out of the case, the case doesn’t have any kind of clip, and overall, it’s a wasted include.
  • Last annoyance – the center button thing. There’s a five way navigation button. Basically, the left/right, up/down buttons, and a center select button. I like a lot of how this works in comparison to the old treo 300 – it’s handy not to have to pull the stylus out as much. However, I do wish the center button stood out just a little more, as I have a tendency to accidentally press the other buttons instead of the center button – particularly when I’m in a hurry.

Well, I’m going to leave that as my “review” of the Treo 600. Please keep in mind this is kinda rushed, and overall just my initial impressions. I do have to say I really like the treo 600 – it’s an amazing phone, and I can’t imagine having a phone without the ability to sync to my computer, or have programs installed. Not to mention I like having the capacity to write my own software for my phone if I choose to. Now, the pricetag on the Treo 600’s is high, but I do think overall it’s worth the expense. You’re getting a high end color palm pilot, with a lot of great features. You don’t have your addressbook in multiple places, everything syncs together, etc. etc. How can you go wrong with that? I’d say seriously consider a Treo 600 if you’re looking for a new phone. Or, if you can wait a few months, look at the Treo 650’s whenever they come out – there should be a TON of improvements there.

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