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by on Oct.13, 2004, under General

In a hive mind, or a hive mentality, an individual cannot be understood, nor allowed to exist within that hive. If he is, his individuality, his questioning could cause question to others, and disrupt the hive mind.

This my friends, is why I’ve more or less dropped from the church. When the leaders of the church refuse to accept someone who questions and thinks for themselves, regardless of whether or not it agrees with everything the church teaches, that is for me a refusal to accept someone who likes to think as an individual. In the church, I’ve seen two kinds of leadership with regards to acceptance. Those who have accepted because they loved, regardless of sins. NOT approved mind you, but still accepted and tried to guide. The others, and the ones who I’ve seen the most of are the ones who accept because they don’t have much choice, but still show disdain. Who accept only because they can’t refute, but who in their actions and emotions betray the very teachings of the church. These are the ones who prefer the hive mentality, who disdain and would prefer to exclude any who’d question the way things work, regardless of the intent.

An intent to learn more about god, learn more about Christ, if it refutes the understanding of the hive is one who cannot be realistically accepted. With difficult and under duress, perhaps, but how comfortable is that for either party? Only a truly open mind can accept another with an equally open mind. And the difficulty is no mind is ever truly open – it’s just some minds are more open than others.

There’s more to these thoughts of course, but I feel it important to leave it stand at the moment. Good night my friends, and god bless.

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