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by on Dec.28, 2004, under General

Work stuff

Oy, talk about a busy few weeks. First, let’s start out with December. The whole month of December ended up massively busy with work. I had several weekends of DJ work, traveling to help out others with computer issues, etc. Then, some major things done here at work. Migrated a network from an NT 4.0 server to a Linux server using LDAP & Samba. This wasn’t an easy task, and it took me a week, with extra hours each day to get it done. Then there were other changes, such as network changes, setting up and installing a new 64-bit linux server (dual opterons ROCK), and all kinds of other techy work issues. Busy times.


JesseSome other major things that happened in December. First and most important, as I’d mentioned in a past post, I now have a girlfriend. We actually started dating back in November, but I felt I’d mention it here considering how much time we spent together in December. There was a week where we saw each other every day, and even in the weeks where we didn’t see each other, we’d talk for a few hours at the very least. Jesse is an amazing woman, and things have been going really well. We spent a good chunk of December together, or at least, the first part of December. Sadly, school for her ended, and she has been traveling all over, so I haven’t seen her much. It was a lot of fun, as we have a ton in common, and it’s been great. Sitting and talking for 3 or 4 hours on anything and everything is something I’ve missed. There’s other things that rock too, such as her interest in video games (yes, a girl who likes video games!), that she’s a country girl, likes horses and the outdoors, likes to play pool, bowl, and all the other things I enjoy doing. In other words, the more time I spend with her, the more I want to spend with her (and hon – give me a better picture and I’ll post it instead of this picture, but as a very happy boyfriend, I reserve the right to post a picture of you smile) SO, after she left, we continued to talk a fair bit online, and there the week before Christmas, I actually took some time off, and spent 2-3 days visiting her at her home in Nebraska. It was most worthwhile to go up, visit. We went to the Omaha Zoo one day, spent another day visiting her family, went bowling, and overall just enjoyed each others company. *sigh* At the end, I really didn’t want to leave. Only good thing is there’s only a few weeks till I see her again…. I’m very much looking forward to spending the upcoming year and all the things we’ll get to do together smile

Family stuff

And of course, spent a fair bit of time with the family. My brother, who is in the army, was on leave and has been up visiting. Saw him during Christmas of course, and will probably do some stuff this week. I’d guess the bars are high on his list, all things considered. Parents are the same as a general rule – Mom’s having fun not having classes, and Dad is having fun working on a new project – another airplane. airplane picture 1 For those who know me and haven’t heard about this, my dad over the past 3 or 4 years built a RV9 from Van’s Aircraft. It’s a pretty sweet airplane, and he’s been flying it like crazy. It’s a small, high performance two seater. It’s actually kinda amazing, going flying in it. I mean, how many people can talk about their dad building an airplane? Anyways, once he got done with the RV9, I think he needed something else to fill up his spare time, and so he’s started on the RV10. The fun side of all of this is I get to help with the building. Well, I consider it fun, although others might not. It’s a lot of drilling, holding a “bucking bar” while he rivets, and other simple tasks, but it’s a ton of work overall. Hopefully soon I’ll get pictures up, or convince him to get a site going for pictures…
My kid brother has been playing video games – which seems to be about all he does. I’ve tried to get him into books, with no luck thus far. Maybe someday he’ll switch, but right now, Warcraft and other video games are what holds his attention. Oh well…

New Years

And, that brings me to New Years plans – although it’s not New Years yet, soon it will be, and I’ve already got plans. Dan Poth is coming back into town, and he and several other friends are planning on getting together and celebrating the new year. *sigh* If only Jesse were here to enjoy it….

SO, that’s been December, in a quick nutshell. For 2005, I’ve got plenty of things that I need to get done (Kristen, I know I’ve been slacking on your site, but I’ve got the stuff planned for it – honest!), a complete redesign of poetshome, and so many other things planned… 2005 should be a very good year overall, and I can’t wait. smile

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