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Hmm, decisisons, decisions…

by on Feb.24, 2005, under General

Ok, I’m sorta in the middle of a decision crisis. There’s three options that I’m looking at:

  1. Keep my current vehicle, a 98′ F-150 Regular cab V6, 4×4 offroad. It’s got 72k miles on it, and is in pretty good condition.
  2. Looking at a 98′ Chevy quad cab K3500 dually, 6.5L diesel, 4×4 with 78k miles.
  3. The last option: 99′ F-250 Extended cab, Diesel, 4×4. with 122k miles.

Ok, yes, I realize I don’t need anything more than what I’ve got. I realize these are huge, big trucks. I realize they are diesel and thus more expensive to maintain. But, I DO like big trucks – just one of those things. And, no, I’m NOT overcompensating people. Not even going to go there. This isn’t anything other than a want – pure and simple. I’d like a larger truck. I’d like a truck where more than 2 people can comfortably ride in it. I’d like a truck where I have more flexibility. It’s PURE want, not need. Am I nuts? Hmm, and I have to paste the conversation with a buddy while discussing this, or at least, parts of the conversation – in other words, what he thought smile

10:01:08 Christian: don't do it. buy me an iPod instead.
10:02:26 Christian: don't do it. buy a plasma screen tv instead
10:03:02 Christian: don't do it. buy a huge chunk of apple stock instead
10:03:52 Christian: don't do it. buy a box of caviar instead
10:05:22 Christian: don't do it. the aliens will take their revenge with psychic machinery
10:06:06 Christian: don't do it. a puppy dies for every truck that is bought in the USA

and, the one that takes the cake,

10:07:17 Christian: don't do it. jesus warned against buying big trucks. it could get you 3-5 in purgatory, maybe even in solitary confinement

SO, the question now becomes, if I decide to upgrade my truck, which do I choose? The big difference for me is the mileage. I do like the F-250 and think apeparance wise it’s a better vehicle, not to mention interior ergonomics. However, the mileage is a BIG, BIG difference. The price is essentially the same between them. The Ford seems to be a slightly better vehicle, but I’m really not sure. I’d appreciate thoughts/comments from people smile Even if it’s, this one has a prettier face, or EWW, white wink

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Some superbowl links (the important ones)

by on Feb.07, 2005, under News

First, one can’t talk about the superbowl without talking about the advertisements being shown. Fox news has a site for the advertisements along with a poll on which was the best advertisement. I was kinda torn between which were the best. The GoDaddy one was entertaining, even more so because their ad in the second half was pulled due to them making fun of the FCC and such. The Bad Kitty ad was great smile Particularly the final scene where she walks in and sees him – I was laughing heavily at that one smile The monkeys were definitely entertaining – I mean, a monkey zeroxing it’s rear? What incredible monkey business (bad pun, but that’s what they were going for). In the end though, there’s one that I have to give the most kudos to:

Anheuser Busch takes the prize in this game. They were the only ad shown that honored our troops serving at home and abroad. The other commercials may have been funny, entertaining, witty, or any other thing – but only Anheuser Busch honored all the men and women abroad serving this country. Further, they’ve also got a Hero Salute for military personal. My hat is off to Anheuser for their actions and for this ad. Of course, it’s not Anheuser who deserves the most praise – it’s all those troops out there serving. Thank you all.

I’ll say this one final time before I finish this post. Thank you all who are serving here or abroad.

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Ok, so sorta closed… and my cell number

by on Feb.03, 2005, under General

Yes, the blog is semi-closed, but it’s not totally closed. I figure more I don’t plan on updating it nearly so often. I did want to do one thing today, in the nature of Scoble and put my phone number out here for people to find if they ever need it. If you look, Scoble has his on there, and for what I think are some good reasons. It’s a situation of I don’t care who calls – I can block the number, and escalate it if need be if it’s “harassment”. And, when it comes down to it, I figure most people are responsible enough to call when needed, some things like that. Here’s the post where Scoble discusses his reasons and while I’m not near so popular, I figure if someone needs to call me, here’s the number smile

Anyways, for those who wish to call me sometime – 573-424-7612

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