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Hmm, decisisons, decisions…

by on Feb.24, 2005, under General

Ok, I’m sorta in the middle of a decision crisis. There’s three options that I’m looking at:

  1. Keep my current vehicle, a 98′ F-150 Regular cab V6, 4×4 offroad. It’s got 72k miles on it, and is in pretty good condition.
  2. Looking at a 98′ Chevy quad cab K3500 dually, 6.5L diesel, 4×4 with 78k miles.
  3. The last option: 99′ F-250 Extended cab, Diesel, 4×4. with 122k miles.

Ok, yes, I realize I don’t need anything more than what I’ve got. I realize these are huge, big trucks. I realize they are diesel and thus more expensive to maintain. But, I DO like big trucks – just one of those things. And, no, I’m NOT overcompensating people. Not even going to go there. This isn’t anything other than a want – pure and simple. I’d like a larger truck. I’d like a truck where more than 2 people can comfortably ride in it. I’d like a truck where I have more flexibility. It’s PURE want, not need. Am I nuts? Hmm, and I have to paste the conversation with a buddy while discussing this, or at least, parts of the conversation – in other words, what he thought smile

10:01:08 Christian: don't do it. buy me an iPod instead.
10:02:26 Christian: don't do it. buy a plasma screen tv instead
10:03:02 Christian: don't do it. buy a huge chunk of apple stock instead
10:03:52 Christian: don't do it. buy a box of caviar instead
10:05:22 Christian: don't do it. the aliens will take their revenge with psychic machinery
10:06:06 Christian: don't do it. a puppy dies for every truck that is bought in the USA

and, the one that takes the cake,

10:07:17 Christian: don't do it. jesus warned against buying big trucks. it could get you 3-5 in purgatory, maybe even in solitary confinement

SO, the question now becomes, if I decide to upgrade my truck, which do I choose? The big difference for me is the mileage. I do like the F-250 and think apeparance wise it’s a better vehicle, not to mention interior ergonomics. However, the mileage is a BIG, BIG difference. The price is essentially the same between them. The Ford seems to be a slightly better vehicle, but I’m really not sure. I’d appreciate thoughts/comments from people smile Even if it’s, this one has a prettier face, or EWW, white wink

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