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Ok, not going to say too much tonight. Not sure I’ve got the words to describe the experience. And it’s not just the movie, it was things like the lightsaber duel before-hand, the people dressed up in various costumes, the laughter, the smiles, the cheers. Star Wars isn’t just a movie – it’s a phenomenon with which words are often inadequate.

A few notes – if you haven’t seen the cartoons, they would help greatly understand how things work, where the plot goes in the movie. Without them, Episode III is still good, but the understanding of the series is greatly enhanced by those cartoons. In some ways, perhaps too much so. Episode III, and all the star wars saga are often merely glimpses into the whole world of Star Wars, and one that should be experienced in it’s fullest. There are books, other movies, and additional stories to be told. Yet, for the major event, the story now has finally be completed.

Last, I will say this – Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith was a good movie. Not near the experience, nor the quality, in many ways as the originals, but an experience of it’s own that stands separate. It is both less and more than the previous ones. More, in that it stands on the shoulders of the movies before (in the case of Episode I & II, very small shoulders), but it stands greater because of the legacy it entails, and completes. The first three are classics that I doubt could ever be topped, and Episode III certainly doesn’t do so, but it was still enjoyable. The dialog definitely needed to be better, the acting was in parts very good, but it could have both better and worse. Who knows whether Lucas will do any other Star Wars movies (although if he does, like many others, I’ll be standing in line 2 hours before opening, and like many others, hoping for better dialog wink ). I don’t know that it matters in the end whether any other movies will be created. In some ways I hope not, as Episode III is in some ways an epilogue or conclusion, a tying together of loose ends that finishes a saga long in the making. In that, I’m glad to be, or perhaps been, a part of the saga known as Star Wars.

Last, the saga though is not truly complete, for like any story, it’s only part of the whole. There’s more to see, more to learn, from books and other arenas yet to be discovered. The ways of the Jedi and the Force are vast, and take discipline and knowledge. Now, it’s up to you padawans and fellow Jedi. Learn the ways of the force, discover more of the star wars world.

May the force be with you.

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