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Greed of large company CEOs

by on May.24, 2005, under General

Ok, I won’t deny anyone the right to earn their pay. Particularly doctors who go through a LOT to do their jobs, including a lot of schooling, a lot of time and effort, etc. Even more, your life is in their hands. BUT, I do think there needs to be limits. I mean, come on, what are you going to do with 30 million a year?? That’s definitely on the insane side. I’d think anything over 10 million is vastly exceeding any sign of sanity. Again, I can make allowances for certain things, i.e. living in California where the cost of living per year is massive, or for Doctors, definitely NOT for lawyers, etc. I guess I wish I had words to describe though how much something like this bothers me:

“Valley execs’ greed returns to dot com levels” [register.co.uk]

I respect the right of people to make money. I respect that people like to make a lot of money, and how much they make depends on where they’re living and what they’re doing. BUT, there are limits to my understanding. Sports Professionals – I can understand some of that (although I still find some of it excessive) as they’ve got a short window on their career, although it really SHOULD be more about the game than the money. Too often I think that gets lost. Anyways, as said, there are places where large paychecks are understandable. But $230 million in one year????? Or, looking at numerous other CEO’s, $30 million? It’s kind of disgusting, when you think about it – add up the amount that the CEO’s, CFO’s, and all the upper level executives make at some of these companies. Good grief! I could understand a million or two million or heck, even five million per year. They are big companies and require expertise. But, there have to be limits someplace…

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  • Kristi

    What makes me sick is when people STRIKE over things like $30M as opposed to $40M. That’s just plain ridiculous…

  • Joan

    I absolutely agree.  It’s disgusting how much money some top-level execs and sports players extort from their employers.  And guess where it all winds up eventually coming from?  Yup—our pockets.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Definitely comes out of our pockets.  Lately, I’ve actually been watching quite a bit of sports – i.e. football, baseball, basketball, etc.  These players are really really good at what they do – but for myself, I’d rather watch someone who loves what they do than someone who does it for the money, no matter how good they are.

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