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Hell hath frozen over twicefold…

by on Aug.02, 2005, under General

As one slashdot reader put it so aptly, hell has frozen over and the devil has taken up hockey and ice fishing… Why you ask? Because not only is Apple switching to intel for their processors, but now, to add icing to the cake, they’ve finally released a multiple-button mouse named the “Might Mouse”. And it does look mighty nice indeed….

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  • Stephen

    I’m kind of liking that new mouse – the programmability is pretty cool, as is the scroll features. I might just have to go to the apple store today and get one.

    As for the intel crap, its putting me in a bit of a quandry – I was going to get an ibook (probably the 14” model with the superdrive) but now I might wait until all the intel crap gets sorted out. Whaddayathink?

  • site admin

    Hmm, mouse – I definitely want As for the iBook, well, that’s harder to judge.  I would almost say go ahead and do so, but I REALLY can’t tell right now.  I’m waiting, but I’ve got a 17” PowerBook (1st-gen) that’s still working fine for me.  If you need a laptop now, I’d say go ahead and do so.  If you can wait 6-9 months, i.e. January developers world, I’d wait for that.

  • c2

    now if they would just make a trackball for mister prime-candidate-for-carpal-tunnel-syndrome here (yep, folks, that’s me)…

    in other news, my new iMac G5 r0xx0rs OMFG.

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