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It’s time to reclaim space

by on Aug.29, 2005, under General

I was just reading an article on space.com about the new direction and vehicles NASA will be using in the next decade or two. I wish I could portray the excitement and feeling that the thought of new space exploration brings. Even more, returning to the moon – there is very little else in the world that interests me more. I was watching Apollo 13 last night, and I’ve watched it the last few days off and on – there’s so much there that represents the best of humanity, the ultimate struggle to reach beyond ourselves.

I know many in the nation think the space program is a waste of time and money. I think those are the same people that think any form of progress or expansion of the human spirit is equally a waste. The space program has provided more dreams than anything else in recent memory. No other endeavor has ever faced so many struggles, nor faced such a difficult task, and yet, provided such an amazing set of results. The space program is not a waste of time, or no more so than any other task which has expanded the horizons of the human race. Would Christopher Columbus sailing west have been a waste of time? Would Newton looking up at the stars in wonder have been a waste of time?

Space is a dream – it’s a dream that expands beyond the boundaries of our current mundane lives and lifts us up to new heights. Such a dream is worth any effort.

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  • Kristi

    Not to mention sending a manned mission to Mars may be sooner than we at first thought. Even though the journey would take several months at the very least…but who knows what they’ll be able to do!

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