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by on Sep.09, 2005, under General

I had to post a link to a blog post someone wrote on the iPod, and it’s success. “iDevelopers!iDevelopers!iDevelopers as he puts it, is an excellent commentary on one major, and I do mean MAJOR, aspect of why the iPod is so successful. Check out the article, read it, but then let me mention a few other things that I think are critical when talking about the iPod’s success. Some of these are as integral as getting developers on board, but the developer side of things is really major. In other words, read the article. Then, read what I think wink

Apple has the developer support. They’ve got the software. Apple has got the best hardware. They have a package deal, that is fully integrated, and works well together. Now, here’s sorta an interesting quirk with that. Something many may have forgotten, but I have to mention again: integration. The first time I remember really seeing a good example of integration was Microsoft Office. Every component of Microsoft Office works with every other component in Microsoft Office. They’re tied very heavily together. It’s also a reason why it is still the best (in my opinion) software office suite. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love OpenOffice – it’s free, and does a LOT of the same stuff MS Office does (so, if you’re wanting a free equivalent to MS Office, check it out!!!), but MS Office is better overall. If nothing else, the grammer checker alone has helped me out while writing numerous papers.

Microsoft understood that principle of integration once – I would argue they still do. Now, I would also argue they never really protected themselves from the risks of a purely software integration environment, but that’s neither here nor there (thanks for all the macro virus’s… UGH). What I’m saying is this is why the iPod is doing so well. You’ve got a company producing an end to end, fully integrated solution, but a solution that allows others to plugin to their solution. You have the iTunes, the iPod, the iTunes music store, and all the accessories that go together here. This kind of a solution, Apple is in a unique position to create. For any other vendor to compete, they’d have to produce a truly, EASY end to end solution that’s integrated, and works without a problem. Microsoft could probably do so, as could maybe one or two other vendors. Creative? Don’t make me laugh. Rio? Not going to happen. Napster? again – end to end experience is something they don’t have.

Right now, I don’t see a single thing that can compete with Apple’s dominance of the music player market – they’ve got the developers, they’ve got the hardware, they’ve got the software. They’ve got the best product out there from a users viewpoint. Period.

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  • c2

    hear hear! hopefully the boneheaded patent thing will not come back to bite them in the ass, though.

    and DAMN, that iPod nano is SEZZY.

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