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by on Sep.22, 2005, under General

I was reading the news today (online news of course) and came across a pretty impressive system – it’s called “Turning the Pages” which is part of the British Library. What’s really impressive about this web site is the ability to read some original books in a 3d format, that is literally like reading the book. Beware though – you DO need a broadband connection to read any of the books. But, they’ve got things like the original “Alice in Wonderland” including the sketches and not the photos that were later included. They’ve got sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci, originals of Jane Austen, and numerous other works. I’m REALLY impressed by this. They’re using a shockwave plugin to handle the loading, but it really does in some ways act like reading a priceless book. If nothing else, seeing the handwritten pages, well, let me just say WOW. Take a look sometime. And, for another project related to looking at free books, take a look sometime at the Gutenberg project. They’ve got 16000 free ebooks online and growing.

Another “link” or program I had to mention was the new Lego Factory system (well, I assume it’s new). Using “Lego Designer” – a Mac or PC program – you can custom build your own lego systems, and order the parts in a custom kit. Talk about allowing massive amounts of creativity!! I’m literally wowed by the overall possibilities. This means now I could create a kit for all the crazy custom lego ideas I’ve developed in the past smile This has GOT to be one of the greatest ideas Lego has come up with in a while. I’m shivering in anticipation smile Kudo’s to the New York Times technology section for pointing it out. You can read the article they’ve got on it, and then download and play with the software yourself – it’s free!

[Edited] Oh, I almost forgot – had to mention one other VERY cool aspect to the Lego Factory thing. The Lego Factory Gallery. You can share designs, look at other people’s designs, and download cool designs people have come up with. Talk about WOW factor. Hmm, now I just want the guy who built the Star Wars Devastator to put his design up here smile I do have to say – there are some VERY cool designs already up there. Take a look

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  • Rebecca

    Very cool.  Chris told me about the PC lego building program a couple of month’s ago.  The purchase your design program is the perfect followup.

  • site admin

    I like the purchase part of the system, but the big thing for me is the sharing feature – i.e. I can go in and look at other designs people have made.  Thus, if someone makes a really cool design that I like, such as some of the ones I’ve seen for Star Wars, I could purchase such a design I’ve seen a few pictures online of other projects people have created and always wanted to be able to purchase a kit for those projects – now I could

    And, with that, if I come up with a cool design, I could let others see and purchase it.  It’s sorta a “fame” type system – pretty cool overall – but, I can definitely see how others would be more interested in being able to purchase their own projects.  A VERY ingenious system, I have to say.  This is inovation that I haven’t seen from Lego in a long while.

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