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I hate oil companies, and this is why.

by on Oct.27, 2005, under General

An article posted by the Orlando Sential says it all in my viewpoint. Profits up 89% after the hurricanes? Yeah, oil companies are really hurting – they have to keep prices up to deal with all the hurricanes and other problems. Oh, and they don’t have ANY affect on the way people vote in congress. Oh yeah, did I mention pigs fly and lead floats?

This is precisely why I have an issue with larger companies. A LOT of large companies, from what I’ve seen, act with a total lack of any ethics, or ethical oversight. What incentive is there for such companies to act ethically when their unethical actions lead to larger profits? If anything the incentive is to act without regard for anyone other than themselves. Long term, perhaps there are some reasons why ethical policies are good – but does that motivation apply considering stocks and dividends that matter so much to companies are looked at on a short term basis?

Why do people seem more interested in lining their own pockets than in doing what is right? I’ll grant anyone the right to a certain amount of profit, but there comes a point where fleecing the customers is NOT right. Where’s the competition here? Or the possibility of competition? Why is it that there isn’t an oil company that has reduced prices in competition, thus forcing another oil company to reduce their prices? I have to ask, why isn’t capitalism working here????

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