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Miracle of Miracles :)

by on Dec.01, 2005, under General

Been trying to figure out how to post this topic, but sometimes there’s no easy way to describe the feeling when you meet someone and you’re jaw drops and hits the floor. Or, when playing a game with that person, the jaw hits the floor again and again when you realize just how smart that person is in so many areas. Add to that that Laura is beautiful, responsible, VERY intelligent, and amazing in so many ways and you can understand why my jaw hit the floor smile SO, yes, I’m now dating a beautiful amazing woman named Laura. She’s definitely a very cool woman – who happens also to be into swords, RPG’s, video games, travel, thinking, and so many other things that I’m also into, that it’s hard to believe. Talk about one really rare and amazing woman smile

Course, part of me wonders what I’m doing dating a woman who called me a “smegging git.” Not to mention question the sanity of a woman who’d date a guy she called a “smegging git.” But, I also wonder and gasp in awe at the turn of events that led to us dating in the first place. Despite being awed at the turn of events, I have no complaints because despite being called a “smegging git” I’m now dating a really wonderful woman who amazes me every moment I spend with her.

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  • Laura

    Now that is a perfect post.  You are so sweet.  And I only think that you are a smegging git sometimes.  *kisses* I think you made me blush a little bit there.

  • Laura

    But you did forget to mention that you are a cradlerobber…I mean you are five years older than me. 

  • c2

    she’s very nice.

    she also cheats at every board game ever. pygmalion my ass.

  • Laura

    I absolutely do not cheat.  I can’t help it that you are bitter.  BTW, you forgot Taming of the Shrew

  • Daniel Poth

    Hey. On her webpage she’s got Red Dwarf and Andromeda quotes. Go her. Also. Go you.

  • Joan

    I was very impressed, too.  Laura is indeed very smart.  I’m glad you two are enjoying yourselves.

  • Erika

    YAY! I’m very happy for you, and I hope that, at some point, I get to meet her. 😀

  • Erika

    Also, I’m digging your new layout. Very schnazzy.

    And, in Laura’s defense, you can be a “smegging git,” although I do applaud her choice of language. I like her already.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* Someday hopefully you’ll get to meet her too She rocks.  And I still don’t think I’m a smegging git.  Insane boy maybe, crazy definitely, and numerous other adjectives, but not a smegging git.

  • Laura

    Oh, just admit it.  Sometimes you can be a smegging git. 

  • Jameson

    he is…and I’m waiting for the dueling between you and laura to start.

  • Rebecca

    for you and Laura.

    Thumbs up on the new layout.

  • Stephen

    Congratulations on the girlfriend – hopefully I’ll get to meet her. I’ll be in St. Louis from the 23rd through the 29th (except for the 25th, I’ll be freezing my ass off in Green Bay watching the Packer/Bear game) so hopefully I can see you while I’m up there.

    Congrats also on the site design – very fresh. I need to do something with mine – I’m getting bored of the standard wordpress look.

  • site admin

    Thanks all for the comments Laura and I are doing quite well, spending lots of quality time together & stuff.  Saw Chronicles of Narnia and had a good weekend overall – I’ll post later with more details.

    For the new theme – I picked up a bunch of themes online – there’s a link below to the author of this theme.  I’m tempted to do a rotating theme type thing, or have it where you can select alternatives.  But, think I’ll stick with this one for a while.

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