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SOON, will it be time to worship at the altar of “Jobs”

by on Jan.04, 2006, under General

Or, that’s what my coworker jokingly tells me as I anxiously await the upcoming Macworld Expo. And, I know more than a few other friends who are equally anxious with anticipation – in no small part due to the possibility of releasing intel based mac’s. Of course, us “Mac-heads” also shiver with anticipation at the news of other products such as updated iPods, iLife, or any of the other ingenious and amazing products that Apple produces. At the very least, this portends to be a VERY interesting Macworld, and year for Mac addicts around the world.

For more information on the expo, you can keep track of events as they occur on these websites, starting Tuesday at 9AM CST.

Let the speculation, and of course the worship begin!

And, p.s. for all you hard core Christians out there – I’M JOKING about worshiping Steve Jobs (mostly wink )

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  • Stephen

    I think I’m starting to hear choirs singing………..

  • c2

    > p.s. for all you hard core Christians out there – IM JOKING about worshiping Steve Jobs

    i’m not.

    okay, yes, i am.

    well, no, i’m not.

    really, really, yes i am.

    steve jobs is merely the shepherd of his flock. it’s the mac we all worship.

  • James

    you’re such a penis

  • Jason McIntosh

    I SOOO love it when people show a distinct lack of intelligence in a public forum.  It’s so refreshing to realize idiots will emphasize their stupidity to the whole world instead of leaving it quietly in the background where it might not bother anyone.

    And, to explain part of the problem, he’s definitely a windows user.

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