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Hybrid/Diesel cars

by on Jan.19, 2006, under General

Wanted to post a quick link to an impressive vehicle, I’d VERY much love to have:
Ford Concept Car

First, it’s a hybrid diesel vehicle. That alone gives it a great deal of interest to me, from the aspect of fuel economy and design. Of course, there are no real details on this thing yet, so who knows what it would actually get gas mileage, what it would cost, if there’d be battery replacement issues, etc. But, 65mpg would ROCK.

Second, and as big of a deal in some ways – the doors. I’m sure everyone has had the idiot who parks wayyy too close to your vehicle, making it very difficult to get into your car, as you’ve only got 3″ of space or so. The concept of a door that slides up is a WONDERFUL idea. Not like the delorian or some other vehicles which slide out, but just straight up. Thus, they avoid hitting any nearby cars.

Overall, it’s interesting to look and see where we’re going with futuristic cars. Someday, I expect cars to be fully electric, perhaps tied into a wireless power grid or similar system, with battery backups for off-roading or other far away tasks. Someday, hopefully smile

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  • Stephen

    I saw that car while surfing photos of the detroit auto show – it looks very cool. Deisel cars are very cool, but we have some pretty stupid legislation in a few states (like CA, and NY) that prevent them from being sold or registered there. There is a Volvo V70 diesel wagon in europe that gets 50mpg, but they don’t think there is a market for such a thing.

    The VW passat TDI diesel gets about the same milage, but you can’t buy one in CA or NY (or 6 other states) as they apparently have too many bad emissions (even though they are still less than a gasoline car on a per gallon burned basis when you consider the extra fuel economy). The people at VW also think that no one in the states wants a manual transmission passat with a diesel engine, so the other 44 states that do allow the car to be sold, only get the automatic which saps even more fuel.

    I’d love the hydrogen route, which only belches water into the atmosphere.

  • Jason McIntosh

    I do have to say, it’d be REALLY nice if people in this country got over some of these issues.  Diesel itself is a pretty good technology overall, and one that would make a LOT more sense than some of the hybrid technologies.  Hybrids sound nice, but the more I hear of them, the more I hesitate using them as a long-term solution due to batteries and other related issues.  The problem in the past with diesel has been emissions, but that seems to have been solved more recently.  Particularly when you mix hydrogen into the system

    Hydrogen will probably be the eventual solution, as would a concept of “wireless” electricity, or perhaps built-in fusion reactors I mentioned integrating hydrogen – here’s some of the solutions I saw a while back regarding the use of hydrogen in diesel systems:




    This is really where I see some big benefits coming in, if the technology grows and is developed.

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