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The slow death of the VCR and television

by on Jan.23, 2006, under General

For those who know me at any level, my hatred of the large corporations and business, especially media companies, and the restrictions and limitations they continually try to force upon consumers is a known fact. I had to post another link to an article which supports my case that such companies are evil, and are trying to take away our simple rights to be able to watch shows as we please:
Simply put, the new format for the replacement for DVD’s will prevent you from viewing those movies at full quality unless you’re using a conglomerate specified media connection, which will prevent you from recording those movies. SO, you wouldn’t be able to watch your nice new blu-ray or HD-DVD show in full quality on your nice high-definition TV unless it has an approved cable which blocks recording. Let’s just say that is a MASSIVE problem, and an attempt to get around an early ruling on the personal use cases.

Let me remind my readers of a court case from the early 80s regarding the use of VCR’s. The various media corporations threw a MASSIVE fit when the VCR came out and was being sold, as they claimed it would destroy their business. Interestingly enough, it’s done nothing close to that. This article does a pretty good summarization of the results and arguments for the case while talking about newer threats brought by these crimin….er, businesses.

It seems there’s been a MAJOR set of problems here lately in this country when it comes to rights and the law protecting the rights of consumers. Instead of going after criminals, the courts are going after the makers of tools some criminals use. Instead of protecting the civil liberties of this countries citizens, spying is induced because some of those people might not be citizens. So what if it harms other people – gotta harm the criminals. Instead of looking and protecting the innocent, it seems it’s a matter of attacking everyone. Instead of being innocent until proven guilty, its the assumption that everyone is guilty or would be guilty of a crime if they could be.

There is no worse condemnation for the leaders of this country, of many large business, than this in my mind: that instead of trusting their customers to be decent, law-abiding citizens as a general rule, they think all their customers are criminals whether they realize it or not. I know I’m not a criminal, nor have I any intention of ever being one. There ARE policies such as decency, honor, and integrity, whether these companies wish to view it or not.

I could rant on and on on this topic, but I’ll leave things at that rant for now wink Let me leave off though with a final few notes. This issue is at the heart of a lot of the problems in this country, and it’s a change of outlook that I think has been very problematic, and taken place the last 15 years or so. Perhaps it’s because of the rapid changes technology is making upon our world, and instead of reacting with hope, people are reacting with fear. And, to quote a famous green jedi, “Fear leads to Anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering.” It seems that the suffering of the people of this country will go on and on, until something changes in the minds of larger companies or the government.

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