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Google AdSense on poetshome?

by on Jan.26, 2006, under General

I was browsing today for a bit to see how progress was going on the Windows XP on a Mac Bounty was going (i.e. to see if anyone had figured it out yet, what the current bounty was, etc.), and saw something I’m curious about. Google’s AdSense program.

Specifically, what it seems to do is pay you for having google ads on your site, as well as a google search button (well, they pay you when users USE those ads/buttons). The interesting side of this of course is that it’s related to content you’re talking about. With that in mind, I do have to ask – what about having such things on one’s blog? I’m debating the ethical concept, for example of adding it on my sidebar someplace (i.e. do the three paned layout, have ads on one side). It’s simple to implement, is not overtly in your face, yet even if it was $5 a month, that’s still a book I could buy each month.

However, as said, there’s ethical considerations. Is it a good thing to have advertisements on a personal space? I can’t help but wonder if that’s really a good idea from the aspect of personal vs. commercial offerings. Second, that means my viewers are helping to pay me – I’ve always been of the mind that what I produce on my blog is content I’m offering to the world, not content people have to support me to produce. That’s for me the nature of a blog – non-commercial production of content. SO, having AdSense would make it semi-commercial. Thus, I ask you (whomever still reads my blog), for your thoughts on such a thing. Do I or do I not add google ad-sense stuff to my site? Is it ethical? What are your thoughts about advertising on blogs in general? Give me some reasons why/why not please smile

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  • c2

    I don’t think there’s an ethical dilemma at all. You, after all, are paying for the webspace. Unless you get an enormous amount of traffic, you’re still technically operating at a loss even with Google AdSense. Advertising has always, always, always supported the costs of publishing/producing, and there’s nothing unethical about it.

    beanbagcentral.com was a member of LinkExchange back in the day, and I had banners running at the bottom and top of many of my pages. These days, I’ve chosen not to run any ads on beanbagcentral because it’s a luxury expense for me, and I don’t mind operating at a loss. If my traffic were to somehow increase exponentially, then I would need the revenue from ads to support bandwidth costs.

    Google’s ads are always very discreet, tasteful, and well-engineered to be relevant to the main content. I don’t have a problem with them running on blogs.

  • c2

    For clarification (there were some bad pronoun agreement issues in the above comment)the beanbagcentral server itself is the luxury expense, like cable TV or broadband internet access or a starbucks latte every morning or treating oneself to a five-star restaurant.

    And to an additional point about personal vs. commercial sitesit still doesn’t matter. Webspace costs money, whether you’re running a family blog or Priceline.com.

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* The issue kinda for me is I’ve been getting an increasingly large amount of traffic lately (comes with some of the tech sites – techy people are very active online ), and it’d be nice to have a better method to support that.  Now, I’m not paying anything above my current monthly fee, ($10, 30GB space, 50GB bandwidth, and a TON of features), but any income would be better than no income, I think

  • Erika

    I would have no problem with it. Then again, I’m kind of a whore for money right now. But as long as it’s not overly intrusive, I don’t see it as a problem. It’s your web site. You can do with it whatever you please.

  • Stephen

    I don’t see a problem with it either – a google banner would at least look nice, and if it has the potential to get you some funds, why not. Now if you came up with something like this:


    that would be really cool. Can you believe that kid? They interviewed his mum (england) and she said “I can’t believe it – all he wanted to do was be able to pay for university”

    A million bucks, from complete nothing. I wonder if anyone would buy ads at $2/pixel?

  • Rebecca

    You are paying $10 / month for the site and you have a chance to recoup $5……put two banners on your site and break even.

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