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Yes, I’m a country boy.

by on Jan.04, 2006, under General

I’ve been fighting with that simple thought for a long time. I remember riding the bus in school and listening to the country music played all through the trip – I fought so hard against liking it, mostly because everyone else did, including a lot of the more arrogant annoying types. However, after numerous years of trying to deny my association, I’m going public with this simple fact, which many probably already know:

I’m a country boy, through and through. I can deal with larger cities such as St. Louis when I need or have to, but I’m at home in a smaller town, or out in the country. I prefer to be in a place where I can go out, find real trees, and not the kind planted in a park (although in a pinch, that’ll do). I like country music – yes, you heard me right – Jason likes country music. I like country bars too (although I have quit smoking, and the smoke there tends to be a bit much). I like beer, playing pool, hiking & being outdoors. I own a truck – and will ALWAYS own a truck. I had a sports car once, and though I did love it, I’ll always own a truck. And, I like large trucks – i.e. my dream vehicle is an F-250 (or even an F-350) diesel quad cab, long bed. I like horses (although my experience there is VERY minimal), dogs, boating, and so many other “country” things it’s hard to describe.

This realization has come also in an interesting time in life, where I’m looking and evaluating, seeing what my future holds. I’ve now lived in Columbia 14+ years. Lately, I’ve been wondering whether I really want to leave Columbia, or whether I should stay here. Having a house far enough outside of town, yet close enough for an easy drive into town is easy. I can purchase enough land without going bankrupt. I don’t have to deal with umpteen million cars on the road at the same time. Going fishing is a relatively easy excursion. And, some of the most important aspects of this – I’m comfortable here. I’ve got a good job, which pays well, with good benefits in vacation time, medical and dental support, as well as a pretty decent working environment (minus occasional annoyances).

Some of the other aspects that lead me to announce this – just some of the trips I’ve made to my grandmothers in south-east Missouri. I remember once thinking about moving out to the east coast, like North Carolina, and while a part of me would definitely consider any reasonable offer out that way, I don’t know if I’d leave the midwest. For me, this is or has become home. Visiting my grandmother was sorta the realization of that. I am extremely at home down there, and love visiting and trudging through the woods, or just visiting, smelling the air, and just the whole atmosphere I can find there in Fredericktown, MO. I remember writing a quick descriptive piece about the property down there, and it still holds true to this day. It’s a place I love and is such a part of me in a way I can’t describe. Some people may think I’m nuts, with all the dogs and cats and the smell and mess that often accompanies the visits, but it’s home to me, and a part of me I can’t quite describe.

I guess my love of that place, and more, who I am in general has been coming more to the fore – I’ve stopped fighting myself, and been more accepting of myself, and of aspects that I’d long past fought against. There’ll be more realizations and things I become aware of as time goes on, but this is a major major start. It’s something I’ve realized perhaps for the last year or so, but am finally “announcing” for those who haven’t realized this fact. Of course, there’s much more to this story than I’ve related here, but what it comes down to is that in my heart, in my being, who and what I am is a “country boy”, someone who feels more at home with a pickup truck and being out in the country than in any city, and that is how I will always be.

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