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Why phone companies are evil

by on Feb.13, 2006, under General

Just saw this article in the New York Times and thought I’d repost it for people to take a look at. I’ve not now, or ever been a big fan of the phone companies. Nor cable companies for that matter. Actually, I’m not generally a big fan of ANY large company (minus maybe Apple or Google). However, sometimes things really just get under my skin, and the way a lot of large companies, particularly cable/telco companies do business bothers me a great deal.

As this article so eloquently states it, “The phone companies made this promise as Congress was getting ready to pass the 1996 Telecommunications Reform Act, he points out. In return, they received benefits including tax breaks and changes in state laws lifting limits on their profits amounting to more than $200 billion, Mr. Kushnick writes. But instead of building the infrastructure, they spent money on more immediately profitable services like plain old copper-wire D.S.L. and hoary long-distance networks, ” (as a note, this is a reference to a book the article references itself).

What happened to keeping commitments? Sometimes I think the goal of profitability is a goal that companies pay too close of attention to, instead of keeping promises to customers, and looking to the future. So many companies seem to pay so much attention to their rankings in the stock market, which seem to be based entirely on a year ahead viewpoints. What happened to long term planning? What happened to helping the customer out, and making a profit through doing good work, not “cut as many corners to make a profit” type attitudes? Sometimes, it seems capitalism doesn’t work, or at least not the way it’s currently setup in this market. *sigh* Someday hopefully things will change…

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