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LoD (links of the day) – Feb 22, 2006

by on Feb.22, 2006, under General

  • “National Geographic Photo of the Day” – I can’t explain how much I love seeing some of these photos – it’s a constant reminder of places I want to go and explore and visit someday. There is sooo much beauty in this world, that sometimes it seems unbearable. Look at the picture for today, Feb 22 – the Adirondack’s. Such a place is rare indeed anymore, worth preserving, and worth admiring.
  • “Fit to Command” – an interesting concept in an opinion article from salon.com. I say interesting, in that it’s interesting and something I wish would happen, but wouldn’t ever happen. There are several reasons for this. First, is the “hippy tree hugger” types. I’m an environmentalist to my core, but there are sooo many anti-military people out there, who think guns, defense, the military, etc. is such a bad idea that this would never happen. Personally, I think ANYONE who dismisses the military as a waste is an idiot. I could go into a whole big post on that issue. Anyways, to finish, the article is interesting, because the argument is that a president MUST have military experience to be a president. I’d argue some more – they should have gone from Enlisted to Officer to become president – so they can see what it feels like to be at the lowest level, to work to get to the higher levels based upon merit – not how much money their family has, or how much butt they kiss.
  • I wanted to add another note real quick on this link – this article reminds me VERY much of a Robert Heinlein book – “Starship Troopers” – one of my favorite books of all time. I say now, and will always argue, that some of the concepts in that book are concepts that people really need to apply in every day life, and in society. WITH THAT SAID, there are some definite bad points to Starship Troopers – I just think it needs to be read and considedered. So, here are a few links with regards to Heinlein, his history, and some other general information.
  • Had to update this post with this link a friend posted on her blog. A most impressive detail list of the accomplishments of President Bush!
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