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LoD (links of the day) – Feb 23, 2006

by on Feb.23, 2006, under General

Here’s a few “fun” links, as well as a “politics” link. This politics link though isn’t about republican/democrats, but more about our rights as consumers. First and foremost, let me start off with a firm delcaration of support for this post – namely the movie companies and recording industry, as well as numerous other companies trying to keep us consumers from using things we buy in a way we wish. I’m not even talking stealing – I’m talking simple uses of a VCR to record a television show. They want this to be illegal. They also think making duplicates of your CD’s is illegal.

This kinda stuff NEEDS TO STOP. Why do people willing lay down and let people tramp all over their rights? Is the citizenry of the United States so apathetic that we don’t care what the government does to us??? WAKE UP AMERICA.

Ok, now for a fun link: Rumors of a new iPod and “picture” which almost looks like a hoax to me smile

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  • Stephen

    I’ve got an alternative to boycotting HD material – boycotts never really seem to work very well, as the joe sixpacks out there don’t even want to know that the media industry wants to limit what they can to with content that they’ve purchased. The only people who would actually follow through on a boycott like this would be a very intense minority.

    How about joining the HRRC? Its a pretty cool organization that is pretty well represented, and fights pretty hard to keep your rights as consumers, in the ever changing field of media rights.

    When playstation games first were introduced, they really couldn’t be copied until the kid in Holland (or wherever he lived) cracked the code – but the inability to copy the games didn’t stop people from buying them.  This is pretty much my point on HD content – people will think it is so cool to have true 1080p on their tv, that they probably won’t care if that content has extremely limited use. With all the portability that is happening though, people should care – If you paid $40 smackers to own a blue ray HD movie, wouldn’t you also want to be able to put that on a ipod or some other portable device? I sure would. The HRRC is lobbying pretty hard for these rights to stay intact.

    As long as there has been recorded media, we have also had the ability to copy it (for our own use of course) – hopefully this right will continue.

    Check out the site –


  • Jason McIntosh

    Hmm, I’m not sure a “boycott” will be necessary, interestingly enough, as I suspect once people realize some of these problems, they’ll boycott these products themselves.  As soon as the “moms” of this country are no longer able to record their shows on their VCR, there are going to be problems.

    Regarding DVD’s – keep in mind, that’s like buying a VCR tape.  You could never decently copy VCR tapes from one to another.  This is different – this is the incoming signal being encrypted, and thus unreadable.  Thus, recording anything incoming will be VERY problematic.  And, supposedly this new system is a lot harder to crack than the CSS encryption used by DVD players.

    EIther way though, I’ll probably look at joining the HRRC.  I’m also a big fan of the ACLU – probably going to join it first

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