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A major life consideration

by on Mar.06, 2006, under General

Ok, this is a combination “Link of the Day”/commentary on a MAJOR issue going through my head right now. First, let me start of with some background before I talk about what’s going on in my head directly. I’ve lived in Columbia, MO for over 14 years now. I went to Mizzou starting in 1997, and graduated in 2003. I’ve worked at my current job full-time for almost 7 years now. For those who have known me, I have been thinking about moving to St. Louis for a while. This is due to a lot of friends being over there, more things to do, and overall a more “active” environment.

As of right now, the plans to leave Columbia have pretty well come to an end. I’m looking now at settling down into Columbia, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s possible I could leave at some point in the future (who knows where life will take me, and Laura and I are definite considerations there), but at least for the next period of time, I plan on staying here. With that said, I’ve started to look at buying a house, and that is a MAJOR step, in many ways for me. A house is a big commitment, a substantial debt, as well as a major phase in life.

SO, that’s the big announcement and consideration right now. What house to buy? Where at? Am I really sure I’m not going nuts on this? It’s kinda scary to not have the flexibility to pick up and leave should I have ever wanted to do so. With all of that said, I have been looking for a while now, for a house. I’m going for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house, with some sort of yard and garage. Thankfully, I’ve been using Realtor.com with great success. I’m now in the process of applying for (well, not sure applying is the best word, perhaps estimating?) loans, to see what monthly payments will be, as well as how much I can afford. Right now, I’d really like to find a place for under $120,000. That’s a LOT of money, and more than I’d prefer to spend, but I don’t think I’ll be able to find much in Columbia for less than that.

SO, that’s the big thing going on in my life right now. And, it’s a VERY big thing for me. And, VERY scary. But, hopefully it will be VERY good too smile

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  • Rebecca

    You’re not “going nuts on this” – getting a house is a very good thing.  Apartments can be nice, but your very own house will be “home sweet home”.  Besides, Malcolm needs a yard

    Best of Luck on your search and of course, be sure to post pictures when you find a place.

  • Stephen

    I agree with Rebecca. I wouldn’t be too worried about not being able to just pick up and leave because you own a house – you can always sell a house pretty quickly. Buy a few more of them and you could always become yet another Columbia slumlord!

    Seriously, houses are great investments – you’re not pissing rent down the drain every month, and whatever house you buy will almost certainly appreciate in value. Realtors stink though – hopefully none of my realtor relatives will link their way here, but they take quite a bit of money for simply brokering a transaction. I wish there were more avenues like buyowner.com, which save quite a bit of money. There are quite a few ways to search for homes online. 7% for simply driving someone around and writing up an offer is just too much. Inflation and house prices have gone through the roof, but realtors still get their 7%.

    The other thing I would worry about a bit in Columbia is the neighborhood – there are so many neighborhoods there that have become dedicated “rental” communities, and property value won’t escalate as much in areas like these as it will in single family owned neighborhoods (which will of course be more expensive) as you’ll be buying a house next to some college renters who could give a shit about the way their property looks. I miss Coluimbia sometimes – I love that MKT trail – you don’t get things like that in many cities that size, and it is an extremely affordable place to live. Good luck in your search – and when you finally get the house, I’ll come over and calibrate your home theater for free – I think I owe that service to Cayle as well – so next time I’m in town…..

  • Jason McIntosh

    Well, I’ve more or less decided to buy a house this year.  I’ve got the financing all lined up and now, it’s a matter of finding a house.  I’ve been looking heavily at various places, but I really can’t look too heavily at this point as it’s very dependent upon time.  I want to move in no later than July 1st, and preferably closer to june time frame.  (this of course means no vacation this year, other than to perhaps work on the house and relax after the whole ordeal). 

    What’s somewhat annoying though is the timing – I’m in the middle of a heavy duty program at work, so spending a lot of time/energy here, plus everything else in life – it’s just extremely busy times right now.  But, would love some company sometime, particularly once I actually buy the house Ya’ll are welcome to come up, visit, play with the sound system, etc.

    Last, on the realtor issue – I was talking to someone about the assist2sell stuff, and they mentioned how very little help that the sellers get for those houses.  How basically, their often screwed over price wise, as well as in the contract.  Still, it is something I’ve considered and will continue to consider. 

    Anyways, enough of that for now – I’ll have a more detailed post at a later date though Thanks all for your advice/support!

  • Stephen

    Have fun searching – the seller usually gets screwed with any of the buyowner.com type deals, as the buyers know that the seller is not paying the standard 3.5% commission on either side of the sale and consequently, try to gethe seller to come down enough to cover the commission the seller would have paid to a realtor. The buyer then gets the house for pretty much the same price he or she would have paid anyway. The seller doesn’t get any advertising to speak of, making it hard to find buyers. So I guess realtors actually provide a service in this sense. But since you are the buyer……………….

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