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The latest tax cuts a mistake for America

by on Apr.05, 2006, under General

I was reading an article in the New York Times where it discussed tax cuts that Bush has pushed, and their effects. Let’s just say this to me is proof those were a massive mistake that instead of helping things out, are hurting this country more. The article, “Big Gain for Rich Seen in Tax Cuts for Investments” mentions a few things here I have to point out from this article. First, the tax cuts help the REALLY wealthy. The less than 1% of the population, mostly. The idea of course was then these people would reinvest, but if you read further in the article – guess where these people are investing? If you guess someplace other than the US, you’d be right. I’d assume places like China or India, but who knows? It’s outside of this country, which means instead of the tax cuts enhancing investments in this country, it’s money that’s being poured out of this country.

This is flat out a mistake, and should be wiped out. Totally. I REALLY can’t wait until election times come up. I’d voted previously for one or two republicans. I’m not voting for a single one anymore, nor ANY candidate who has voted for increased spending and decreased taxes, regardless of party affiliation. Not at a time when we’re in such dire conditions debt-wise.

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Digital downloads of movies?  Not for me with those conditions!

by on Apr.04, 2006, under General

Before I say anything on this issue, let me clarify a stance for you real quick. The article I’m talking about is from Writers Block Live. I’ve posted a few links to stuff he’s talked about previously, with regards to digital rights. However, you should realize the guy who runs writers block live is a definite mac person, and as such, could have some “skewed” views compared to others when it comes to technology. I say that, but I have those same views when it comes to media and digital rights. SO, I don’t find his views “skewed” on that aspect of things. Of course, I happen to be a mac person myself.

However, with my stance declared, when it comes down to it, I don’t think my concepts of consumer protection and consumer rights is skewed or odd in any way. I think it’s the opposite – I think it’s odd how few people really seem to care about their rights, and how they’ll pay while allowing themselves to be screwed over by big corporations. The new “digital movie downloads” the studios are supporting is to me a perfect example of big corporations having the wrong ideas when it comes to digital media.

SO, thank you to Mike Evangelist of Writers Block Live for an interesting read and summarization of the issues with the movie studios concept of digital downloads. Check it out, and let me know if you think my thoughts or views on digital media and digital rights are screwy. Please, let me know whether you think the movie studios have a clue, or whether I have valid points.

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Thanks republican party for the national debt

by on Apr.04, 2006, under General

I saw this graph, which explains the title of my post in most lurid detail:

Let’s just say that’s a very, VERY scary line. I have to ask – isn’t the republican party SUPPOSED to be fiscally responsible?? When did it become the party of spend-uber-gobs-of-money? What happened to sound financial planning and responsible use of wealth??? I can understand SOME jumps – but this is definitely over the top. *sigh* Definitely time for new leadership in this country!

Oh, had to add – thanks to Mike Miller for the graph (Mike’s a MLUG – Missouri Linux Users Group member).

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