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Wow, beautiful storm chasing photos!

by on May.27, 2006, under General

Just saw some of these beautiful storm chasing photos this morning and thought others might be interested smile God knows, I love a good thunderstorm. Watching from my porch, seeing the clouds roll by, etc. I remember living on the coast up in New Hampshire, and seeing big storms come in from the ocean. It’s an awe-inspiring, yet humbling feeling to see such an awesome sight. God does some truly amazing things in this world.

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  • Rebecca

    Good photos….I noticed that several are from the KC area.  One of the men in our Sunday School class is a storm chaser here in the KC area.  He has had several “close encounters” ~ very cool stories to hear.

    Are storms off of the ocean similar to tornadoes in the midwest?

  • Jason McIntosh

    Hmm, I’d like to think the storms were slightly different.  I think they generally moved quicker, but this may be my memories playing tricks on me.  There was also I think a different “smell” to the storms – possibly due to the ocean nearby.  I remember though last year being in South Carolina, while I was Scuba Diving, watching storms build up off the coast.  It was GORGEOUS.  I can’t express that enough!  Granted, I’m glad I wasn’t out in it when the storms hit, but still, it was amazing to see.  I can’t wait till I can get out to the ocean, do some more diving.

  • Jason McIntosh

    Hmm, just realized – “tornadoes” – umm, ocean storms, well, I haven’t been in any hurricanes.  I’d imagine hurricanes are MUCH worse than Tornadoes, but I’m not the one to ask.  Thunderstorms are another matter entirely.

  • Rebecca

    I actually meant to ask if the storms off the ocean are similar to the storms that create tornadoes….so you did answer the question the first try

    I haven’t seen the Atlantic, but I’ve seen one mild storm off of the Pacific.  Big, dark clouds and impressive waves crashing onto the rocks.  Didn’t get any pictures 🙁

    Definitely go diving this summer and get lots of pictures to share for those of us who are land locked….  Arrrgh, Chris and I are using our vacation time this year to see brother R get married in Vegas.  I am excited to see the big event, but I’d rather have fresh air and hiking for a vacation.  I am looking forward to seeing Hoover Dam, though.

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