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Wish I could have seen this sinking!

by on May.30, 2006, under General

For those who haven’t seen this in the news, here’s some information on the carrier that was recently sunk to create an artifical reef. Gotta say, I’d love to also dive this, although this would be a realllly advanced dive! Still, a VERY cool thing to see!

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  • Stephen

    Those are some very cool photos – I went right to the pics, and was wondering what the hell that little boat was doing so close to the carrier – I thought some drunk idiot Floridian was trying to get a better view. It makes sense though to have the detonation electronics close to the boat.

    That part of the gulf most definitely needs more artificial reefs – they’re plagued with red tide and toxic blooms up there that kill quite a few fish, especially after katrina washed quite a bit of crap into the gulf.

    it would be a cool dive, but the water isn’t that clear up there – maybe the artificial reef will help with that. Cool post –

  • Jason McIntosh

    *grin* Course, there probalby were more than a few drunk idiots trying to get close.  Imagine if there were missouri boaters tehre! “Honestly officer, I didn’t think it’d tip my boat over!  No, those aren’t beer bottles, just beer cans!  No sir, I haven’t been drinking.  I’ve just been recreationalizing!”

    Anyways, the part of the dive that would be cool though, would be actually going down to see that top stack, just coming down on top of it… wow… that would rock I can just picture it suddenly appearing beneath me, sorta out of nowhere… then, maybe seeing part of the top in the distance… well, it’d be cool, I think

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