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BUSY weekend

by on Jun.27, 2006, under General

Well, talk about your weekend running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. WOO. Friday night was moderately slow, hanging out at home relaxing. However, Saturday morning bright and early, got up and drove to my grandmothers in Fredericktown, MO. I drove there from Columbia, leaving around 9ish in the morning. This doesn’t include getting up to walk Malcolm, load the truck, etc. so I’d been up since 7:30am. The drive time, going down the back-roads took about 4.5 hours. This is a pretty dang long drive, through twisty windy missouri roads. What’s even more fun is encountering the 35 mile-per-hour towns all through that drive. Woah, talk about a not-so-relaxing drive.

Of course I complain about something that really isn’t that bad. I had walky talkies so dad and I talked a lot of the trip. We talked about past trips, future trips, life, trucks, houses, and just everything in general. This is always a fun thing for me smile Other than talking, the scenery itself made the trip more than worth it, and helped to pass the time. I can’t think of how many churches we passed, as well as people out on canoes, going up and down gorgeous rivers. Though sometimes I hate missouri (stupid allergies), it can be a very beautiful place to live. For some pictures of my grandmothers, feel free to stop by the gallery page of the weekend visit.

SO, after spending several hours at my grandmothers, browsing through her garden and just chatting, it was time to leave. Drove from Fredericktown up to St. Louis to hang out with friends, and see a band play. Joe Cosas, and old friend is in a band called “Middle Rhythm Session”. I went up to St. Louis to see him and his band play, as well as visit Christian and catch up with other Newman folk. I stayed at the pub where Joe was playing till about 12am, whereupon I drove back to Columbia and crashed around 2am. This was a LONG trip, and I spent a good chunk of Sunday recovering from this. Of course, monday came around and I wasn’t fully recovered… but, it was worth the difficulty. I haven’t had a chance to visit my grandmother in a long while, and overall, it was nice to get away for a while.

In the end, it was a very busy weekend, but it was also a very good weekend.

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Burnt spongebob, pricelss!

by on Jun.11, 2006, under General

$100 for a sword:

$50 in alcohol:

$12 for sponge bob piniata:


Sponge bob, sliced, burnt to a crisp in a fireplace, priceless:

For more pictures, feel free to go to the gallery album here.

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For lovers of diet coke!

by on Jun.07, 2006, under General

Just thought people might get a laugh when watching this video smile Just goes to show ya what happens when people get creative with diet coke! MM, speaking of diet coke, think it’s time for one….

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The election WAS valid?

by on Jun.05, 2006, under General

I was reading another article, this time from a “liberal” news outlet, and wanted to post it here. Salon.com, a well known liberal news outlet, has an article debunking the previous article in Rolling Stone about whether the election was stolen or not. SO, I’d say the election WAS valid. Bush was elected president fair and square. However, with that said, I do think anyone who plays with votes should be shot for treason. This includes Democrats, Republicans, ANYONE who plays with the elections. That point of view stands, period.

SO, as I said, Bush was elected President. However, this wasn’t be a majority vote, but by the electoral college – a majorly outdated system that should be replaced. Popular elections would be a much easier system, and more accurate. Particularly using electronic voting machines. However, the use of electronic voting machines needs a great deal of consideration before implementation. I keep getting emails from security alert email lists mentioning issues with the Diebold election machines. The diebold machines from what I’ve seen are wayyyy to vulnerable to attacks and allowing voter fraud at this point. No matter what solution occurs though, I do think paper trails are good things that shouldn’t be removed!

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Was the election stolen?  Should Bush have actually stayed in office???

by on Jun.02, 2006, under General

Just saw this article, which is a pretty interesting read. Sadly, it’s a moot point now, but it does bring up concerns for the future. The biggest thing though is that this REALLY bothers me. That anyone would take such a basic right away, one of the foundations of this country, and chuck it? Just because other people disagree?

Wish I could explain how much this kinda stuff bothers me. It’s a lack of honesty, integrity. Now, as a friend state, the Democrats can be as bad. But, I guarnatee this – that I won’t vote for ANYONE, nor have any dealings with someone who has such a lack of morality. If it’s ever discovered that someone played with peoples votes, I personally would argue that should be the same crime as treason against the United States – because really, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Hanging is a mild offense for those people.

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