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Was the election stolen?  Should Bush have actually stayed in office???

by on Jun.02, 2006, under General

Just saw this article, which is a pretty interesting read. Sadly, it’s a moot point now, but it does bring up concerns for the future. The biggest thing though is that this REALLY bothers me. That anyone would take such a basic right away, one of the foundations of this country, and chuck it? Just because other people disagree?

Wish I could explain how much this kinda stuff bothers me. It’s a lack of honesty, integrity. Now, as a friend state, the Democrats can be as bad. But, I guarnatee this – that I won’t vote for ANYONE, nor have any dealings with someone who has such a lack of morality. If it’s ever discovered that someone played with peoples votes, I personally would argue that should be the same crime as treason against the United States – because really, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Hanging is a mild offense for those people.

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  • tanya

    Maybe this was mentioned further in the article, but a couple of things up front caught my eye:

    1. “impossibly high 98% turnout at a precinct at an evangelical church” and “impossibly low 7% turnout” in a highly urban area.  I want to know WHY these are “impossibly high,” and I don’t think the footnote reference cuts it; he should be citing this in the text.  A precinct near my home got 100% voter registration turnout; it’s NOT impossible.  Less likely, yes, but NOT impossible.

    2.  I also want to know, of those people whose names were “purged” from the voter rolls and/or (in particular) people who were denied the opportunity to vote at the polls:  how many of them brought proper identification?  What other factors might have been involved?

    I’m not discounting his piece; I just want better citations and I want them up front.

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