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The election WAS valid?

by on Jun.05, 2006, under General

I was reading another article, this time from a “liberal” news outlet, and wanted to post it here. Salon.com, a well known liberal news outlet, has an article debunking the previous article in Rolling Stone about whether the election was stolen or not. SO, I’d say the election WAS valid. Bush was elected president fair and square. However, with that said, I do think anyone who plays with votes should be shot for treason. This includes Democrats, Republicans, ANYONE who plays with the elections. That point of view stands, period.

SO, as I said, Bush was elected President. However, this wasn’t be a majority vote, but by the electoral college – a majorly outdated system that should be replaced. Popular elections would be a much easier system, and more accurate. Particularly using electronic voting machines. However, the use of electronic voting machines needs a great deal of consideration before implementation. I keep getting emails from security alert email lists mentioning issues with the Diebold election machines. The diebold machines from what I’ve seen are wayyyy to vulnerable to attacks and allowing voter fraud at this point. No matter what solution occurs though, I do think paper trails are good things that shouldn’t be removed!

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  • Rebecca

    From a user standpoint, the touch-screen voting machines are far superior to the paper voting systems b/c theyre much easier to use.  My grandparents area is still voting from the punch card system and it is simply too difficult for the average user.  They observed that it took many voters several tries before they could complete one vote card.  I get to vote from the touch-screen system and I am in and out in less than 5 minutes.  Of course, steps need to be taken to insure that the machine operate properly, record the votes correctly and are secure.  If a paper trail and a review of the votes are required to verify the machine output, then it should be done.  I do believe that the focus should be on improving the voting system for the users and that the weve always done it this way (paper system) and the system doesnt need improvement point of view should not prevail.

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